Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Frog and Rolled

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On Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 2, Jase's son Reed graduates and in honor of that, Korie, Kay, Jessica and Jep decide to pull a prank on Jase.

Well, not exactly in honor of that life achievement, but both things occurred.

Jase had wanted to take Reed frog hunting on graduation day, but upon receiving backlash for skipping the event, decided to do so the night before.

The guys therefore devise a plan to kidnap Reed to take him frog hunting.

Meanwhile on Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 2, Jep, Jessica, and Korie chill with Kay as they look through old photos and she makes an album for Reed.

Somehow, the conversation turns to toilet papering houses, which Jessica admits she has never done and therefore, they must do right at that moment.

On the frog hunting trip, Jase wants to have fun but also pass on wisdom to his son, and is thus frustrated when Willie and Si offer their own "wisdom."

One can sort of understand Jase's consternation regarding the latter.

At Jase and Missy’s house, they are going to down with the T.P. Kay is trying to be decorative with her toilet paper, while the rest of them are less discerning.

Willie tries to analyze Jase and tells him the whole trip is Jase not wanting Reed to grow up and move on. Jase dismisses what is clearly the truth.

The boys come home to find that Missy is cleaning up toilet paper.

Speculating that Reed’s friends must have paid a visit, Missy tells the liars that she knows exactly who did it. And that she does. Miss Kay and all!

Later Missy and Jase attend Reed’s graduation and it's a sweet moment, followed by a celebration of Reed’s special day and of course, a prayer.

As always, you can watch Duck Dynasty online and catch up on past episodes at TV Fanatic, and check out the stars of the show without beards below!

Jase Robertson: No Beard!
Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty with no beard. That was a long time ago. With Jase is his wife Missy.

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