Delta Tweets Congratulations to World Cup Soccer Team, Thinks Giraffes Reside in Ghana

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For a company that flies all around the world, Delta may wanna work on its knowledge of geography.

The airline sent a congratulatory Tweet to the United States World Cup team yesterday after that squad's exciting 2-1 opening round victory over Ghana.

The message included a photo of the Statue of Liberty to represent America and a picture of a giraffe to represent Ghana.

The only problem? Not a single giraffe resides in Ghana.

Delta Tweet

In fact, Twitter user @dcGisenyi determined that the image used in the Delta Tweet was actually a stock portrait of a giraffe at the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya... which is located 3,000 miles away.

The Tweet was quickly deleted, but not before it became fodder for both humor and anger online.

“I'm guessing that when you book a flight to any of Nigeria or Kenya or the Ivory Coast or Ghana, @Delta tickets just say 'Africa, whatever,’” wrote @bruce_arthur, while @tomgara added:

"Delta social media expert is lining up some *sweet* images of Barcelona for the USA - Portugal game on Sunday."

Delta did apologize for the mistake, as spokeswoman Kate Modolo told The Huffington Post by phone:

"The original tweet was made in the spirit of the World Cup. We apologized for the photo, but at this point it's been replaced and that's where we're at."

It could be worse, of course. Delta could have gone the way of US Airways and sent out a photo of a toy airplane inside a woman's vagina.

Carly "@CarlyCrunkBear" McKinney, whose handle says it all really, was a 10th grade math teacher who often posted images like this on Twitter. Her employers were not happy and placed her on administrative leave. Her students thought she was pretty awesome, and protested to get her back. To no avail. She was fired in the end.

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