Child Fires Babysitter, Threatens to Assault Barbie-Hating Cousin

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Kids really will say write the darndest things.

Recently, one camper regaled his mom with notes of his epic experience, which included gratitude for extra underwear since he had a “diyareeya” accident.

And now a young girl named Mia has fired her cousin as her babysitter because the unnamed relative committed the grave sin of disliking Barbie.

This is understandable (although Mia should consider how Barbie promotes an unrealistic depiction of the female body)... and it's nice that Mia wants to remain friends.

But we can't condone the physical violence threat included below:

Child Fires Babysitter with Note

Seriously, kids. You can't punch people over pancakes and you can't punch them over their feelings on Barbie.

Got it? Good.

You can, however, continue to pen hilarious notes because they totally crack us up...

Best Friends Forever
If the Jenner sisters had kicked Selena Gomez in the face, maybe they'd still be BFFs.

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'honesty' is everything.

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