Casey Kasem to Be Removed From Life Support

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The children of Casey Kasem have made one of life's most difficult decisions:

They told doctors yesterday to take their father off life support.

The iconic DJ has been suffering from serious health issues for many months now and had simultaneously been at the center of an ugly conservatorship battle between his daughter and wife.

The latter had refused to allow Kasem's kids to see their dad, prompting the children to take legal action against their stepmother last fall.

Last month, meanwhile, Kasem went missing.

He was eventually tracked down in Washington after a judge appointed daughter Kerri Kasemher as her father's temporary caretaker.

The 82-year-old is now in a Washington hospice facility, living out his final days.

According to TMZ, Kasem’s health directive reads as follows:

"If the extension of my life would result in mere biological existence, devoid of cognitive function, with no reasonable hope for normal functioning, then I do not desire any form of life-sustaining procedures, including nutrition and hydration."

Hence their basis for withholding medication, food and fluids from their dad at this time.

TMZ also reports that wife Jean Kasem may be investigated by police for compromising her husband’s health when she took him the multi-state trip a few weeks ago that resulted in his unknown whereabouts.

It's a sad situation all around.

Casey Kasem Children
Casey Kasem's children are protesting their stepmom's alleged refusal to let them see their ailing father.

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What I find VERY suspicious about this entire matter, is that the kids waited until Mr. Kasem was too incapacitated to add his two cents before they started the media circus and started flinging accusations.


What I find VERY suspicious about this entire matter, is that the kids waited until Mr. Kasem was too incapacitated to add his two cents before they started the media circus and started flinging accusations.


The daughter wants the step mother investigated for possibly assisting in his decline by moving him. Yet a week later the daughter got a judge to sign off on an order to stop giving her father FLUIDS. The dying man can not have a drink of water now, he is dying probably with his tongue stuck to the dry roof of his mouth.


I bet none of this would be going on if Kasem's estate were valued at $8,000 instead of $80,000,000.


Kasem estranged children, not his wife, is turning this into a media circus. Kerri got medical custody so she could initiate end of life measures. Tell the whole story Hollywood. Tell how Jean changed his doctors from Kerri's husband and that is when Kerri went to court, then Jean took her husband on vacation. Tell how his kids owe his estate money. Casey is 82 years old, bedsores are common for those that are wheelchair and bed bound 24/7. Who has something to gain when he passes. Kerri.

@ LC

These kids already got their money years ago. The estate would have gone to the wife and daughter, as long as the prenuptial doesn't have any "conditions". Casey gave his older children the charge of him medical care in 2007. The wife has been blocking visitation not only from the kids, but Casey's brother and friends. She's isolated him. Plus leaving him in a 24/7 health care facility and not visit for 4 months - the records confirm it. Then finding out that his kids visited, say that he was okay and left. Wife comes in at 2am to take off with him, stealing all the equipment attached to him, all on video surveillance with her putting him into a vehicle. She started to head in one direction, then changed direction once word had gotten out. Goes to a friend of her parents that she's never met to hide. On vacation? Please. The doctors would never have released him to her to travel like that. The person/driver that transported them to the friends home even thought something was going on that was odd and called up the elderly abuse hotline. You do not throw meat at someone when you are defying a judges orders to allow daughter to visit, she finds something wrong, calls ambulance. The medics would not have taken him if he wasn't in bad condition. The judge is allowing his wishes to be done per his medical will. There is something mentally wrong with that wife. She needs some psychiatric testing done.

@ Angie

Did you see the pictures above? Maybe the wife left because of all the picketers blocking the entrance to her home.