Casey Cohen: Jay Z Cheating Partner Revealed?!

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Rumors that Jay Z is cheating on Beyonce have been circulating for months now with everyone from Rihanna to Rita Ora being named as Jay's alleged mistress.

Now, In Touch Weekly claims to have uncovered the true identity of Hova's side piece and if their report is true, Jay has landed himself a bona fide Z-list "princess."

According to her online (probably self-written) bio Casey Cohen is a New York hostess and "reality star" who has appeared on the Bravo series "Princesses: Long Island" and currently works at NYC hot spot 1OAK.

She's also a "blonde bombshell who isn't afraid to speak her mind." Good to know.

If her dalliances with Jay result in a $1 billion divorce from Beyonce, Casey will need that brassy attitude to carry her through the media storm of the century.

The list of people responsible for breaking up Jay and Bey's marriage is growing longer by the day and just last month it was rumored that Beyonce is cheating with Julius De Boer, her longtime bodyguard.

So it's possible that Casey is just the latest to be caught up in the rumor mill, but her no-name status and the randomness of her inclusion on the list of Jay's possible cheating partners has led many to believe there might be something to this allegation.

Tiger Woods
Really, everyone else on this list is just playing for second place.

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Who knows? Many people in Hollywood either have open marriages or they just look the other way. Look at LaTanya Richardson/Sam Jackson and Denzel/Pauletta, both in long term marriages with serial cheaters. A picture was just released of Denzel a few months ago with a blonde. Denzel always quotes that people give up too quickly on marriage. However, this female has a limit!!! Probably why Solange was tearing Jay Z up in that elevator too!!

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Lookey another useless,nghr lover wh0re white skank....even pouring bleach in your vag won't get rid of that sootback odor--congrats you're tained for life : W H I T E W H O R E !

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OMG!!! What a MAJOR chocker...Jay Z is a cheater...uncontrollable flow of tears strolling down my cheeks, sniff, sniff. My grandmother, my mother, myself and pretty much every woman I know has suffered from this man striking disease!!! No vaccine against it to this day...

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I was sure it's he butcher's wife.she is addiacted toblow up noses.

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