Brandi Glanville: No Makeup, Still Gorgeous!

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Brandi Glanville's Twitter presence usually consists of shameless self-promotion and passive-aggressive shots at LeAnn Rimes, but yesterday, Brandi revealed a side of herself that her fans had never seen before.

Brandi Glanville No Makeup Photo

The usually glammed-up Brandi posted the above makeup-free photo of herself and it serves to remind us that before all the Housewives and Eddie Cibrian drama, Brandi was a model - and a flawlessly gorgeous one at that.

It's no secret that the 41-year-old mother of two has experienced her share of difficulties lately. In fact, recent reports indicate that Brandi is homeless at the moment, as she's been unable to find a suitable rental property due to her history of high-profile feuds.

Based on her latest twit pic, however, it certainly seems that Brandi's not showing any visible signs of stress. Hopefully the upcoming LeAnn and Eddie reality show won't result in any new wrinkles. 

Brandi, of course, is just the latest celeb to get on board with the no makeup selfie trend. 

Stars ranging from Lady Gaga to Oprah have shown their bare faces to the world in recent months, but few have looked like a completely different person the way Brandi does.

The red carpet may always be Brandi's natural habitat, but we're hoping she'll show the world more of this stripped-down look in the future. 

Check out some other mekeup-free celebs in the gallery below:

Lorde Without Makeup
Lorde isn't just wearing no makeup in this Twit pic. She's wearing pimple cream!

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Please stop giving these people press. They don't do anything spectacular so stop glorifying them.


Come on Natural lighting, picture effect and hair extensions and this natural? GTFOH! !!


Clearly resembles a man, so big-boned.


Clearly looks like a Tranni!


Too bad she is SO ugly on the inside!! Pretty is as pretty does. She don't do pretty except for drinking and drugs.


Brandi has lip implants, eyelids and eyebrow work done on her as well as other botox and collegin treatments. If I had all that, I'd look good in no makeup. What a farce


Please stop with the "no make-up" bull. Just about every pic of a cel saying they are fresh faced is a lie. Even in the photo above, she clearly has mascara, lip tint and blush on. NO MAKE UP means a pure, clean face,

@ Cindy

Perfect comment!


less is more, there is make up in the european way!!