Black Bear Hunts Through Freezer, Picks Out a Snack

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Where all the Chipwiches?!?

In the following surveillance video footage, a Canadian black bear trudges over to a couple’s freezer, opens it up and calmly searches through the contents.

The animal in question is apparently named Yogi and he’s known to the caretakers of Powers Creek Retreat in West Kelowna.

They reside in a mobile home behind the property and they set up a camera nearby after various items went missing from their fridge and freezer over the past few weeks.

"We know him quite well," said Sandy Lewis of the bear they've seen out about on their farm. "We can't be 100 percent sure it's the same one, but odds are it's him… he's very timid when it comes to humans, he always runs away."

And he appears to have good taste. That's pie Yogi is selecting, right?

In other bear news, this baby is one of the cutest animals we've ever seen.

Both he and Yogi are included among the following viral creatures:

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