Baby Argues with Puppy, Internet Wins

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We apologize for once again inundating celebrity gossip lovers with a video of a baby and a young Bulldog.

But watch the following video and we're pretty sure you'll forgive us immediately.

It features a young man barely old enough to stand on his own, yet steadfast enough in his opinion to really give it to a confused English Bulldog puppy.

What is this child so upset about? We can only imagine it has something to do with toy distribution.

Watch now and then go check out this Bulldog meeting this baby for the first time?

What about that Bulldog who got himself inserted into a Jurassic Park scene?

Or the Bulldog who adopted some kittens?

Follow the link above to view the former and the slideshow below for the latter:

Adorable Animal Family
This bulldog is named Hammie. He has become the adoptive, protective parent of a litter of kittens.

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