Aviva Drescher: LuAnn de Lesseps is Out to Get Me!!

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After The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 14, Aviva Drescher feels LuAnn de Lesseps is out to get her, according to her latest blog post.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you recall that LuAnn hosted a charity lunch with Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life fame.

Much to the housewife hostess’ chagrin, a former Miss USA showed up to the event, allegedly after an invite by controversial cast member Aviva.

Aviva claims that Fuller, who runs the celebrity gossip site, was the one who invited her and that she didn’t ask the beautiful beauty pageant winner.

LuAnn feels differently, and notes that Drescher claimed Olivia Culpo (Miss USA 2012) slept with her dad and his fiancee the night before. Seriously.

But Aviva writes, “being a Real Housewife means to be in a constant state of PMS fury,” meaning that there would be drama regardless of who invited whom.

Since it was a charity luncheon, Aviva doesn’t understand the big problem with Miss USA attending. But according to Aviva, it really doesn’t matter anyway.

“In Housewifeville, we don’t let the truth distract us from our attacks,” she writes.

“LuAnn didn’t have any trouble rallying the clique at my party to join her on the chorus,” she adds. “Then it becomes my word against theirs and I’m overwhelmed."

"It doesn’t matter that the truth is right up there on the screen.”

Aviva Drescher feels the Housewives always take LuAnn’s side and that she used the incident as yet another excuse to stir up drama and divide the group.

Do you agree? Whose side are you on in what's become the latest in a long, long line of Real Housewives feuds playing out before our eyes?

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Who isn't out to get Aviva! She defamed every single HW in some vile, nasty way. She has thrown nothing but lies out at them to make herself keep her storyline. She needs to be in a straight jacket and taken to a mental hospital and they should throw away the key! There is her storyline for the show. That would making the ratings go up for sure. Luann gave her just what she deserved and Aviva is the kind of witch that can dish it out but can't take it. So proud of Luann and how gracious and classy she handled Aviva. They all hate her. Ramona and Sonja are the only two fools that associate with the witch. They need to drink first to deal with her. Fire her and make the fans and viewers happy.

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