Anna Faith Carlson, "Frozen" Elsa Look-Alike, SMOLDERS on Instagram: See the Photos!

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Anna Faith Carlson, the Florida model who looks exactly like Elsa from Frozen, has the kind of body that more than a few guys would never want to let go of.

The 18-year-old's uncanny resemblance to the beloved character has made her an Instagram celebrity of sorts ... and the bikini shots she posts don't hurt.

Anna Faith, 18, has embraced her look-alike status, posing for photos with pretend Olafs in department stores and attending child birthday parties in the role.

Something tells us she dresses in character and not in workout attire, though.

Word of advice to the 2 million fellas lining up to ask her out after browsing the gallery below: Don't make Anna angry, lest she freeze you out. So to speak.

Click through photos of Anna Faith Carlson that would melt anything frozen:


@elsabooxoxo on instagram is the REAL real life elsa


idk who exactly told her that she looks like elsa but that person prolly played a joke on her


i can list you 1000 girls who look more like elsa than her. there's another girl who cosplays elsa on instagram and her username is @elsabooxoxo and she looks 10000 times more like elsa than this girl

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