Andi Dorfman to D.A.: Please Hire Me Back After The Bachelorette Nonsense!

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Andi Dorfman is not quitting her legal career to go Hollywood, The Bachelorette star insists in a letter to her former boss asking for her job back ... later.

Poor Andi

The Fulton County D.A. made news this week by confirming that the 27-year-old resigned once her leave of absence as an Assistant District Attorney expired.

She originally took leave to shoot The Bachelor and Bachelorette, but after her resignation was announced, it was assumed she was giving up law.

Or at least her position with the D.A.'s office. Not the case, if she can help it.

Her resignation letter states that TV and media obligations stemming from the show are just too numerous, but should will wrap by the end of the year. 

At which point, Andi Dorfman hopes he will "strongly consider me for re-hire."

"My true passion is in the prosecution of criminal cases," she adds.

Andi Dorfman Pic
A cute pic of the next Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. She's going to get the nod.

Andi says that while the commitments of her journey for love on The Bachelorette have extended beyond the leave period she was granted, her career is in law.

She resigned reluctantly, feeling it would be unfair on her colleagues to ask for more leave. Once she's truly free of Bachelorette duties, though, she wants back in.

Think she'll get the chance, or will her boss - who reportedly likes her a lot - tire of this?

No word if the D.A. reads The Bachelorette spoilers or whether the ending of her fairy tale TV love story will influence his decision on Andi's employment.

If this season ends in a way that's anything like what we saw on The Bachelor, though, it won't reflect poorly on her (at least as reality TV appearances go).

Girl DESTROYED Juan Pablo in this "closing argument." Just sayin'.

The Bachelor: Andi Dumps Juan Pablo (Part 1)
Andi Dorfman breaks up with Juan Pablo in epic fashion on The Bachelor. Part 1 of 6.

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Seriously why should she get her job back as she's obviously not dedicated to her job enough to leave it not once but twice for a stupid reality show. If she gets hired back they should fire the person who rehired her!


This girl is full of so much bs,that it is hard to read what she says. I think she and the show are phony.


eric was so right about her! she's fake -pretending to have feelings for all the guys and then of course they are shockied when she dumps them.
sending out false signals. She is Andi the actr.ess -kgood poker face for an atty.


Do we really need to have an article on this airhead everyday? Good gosh, who watches these lousy shows?


Sorry, Andi, jobs in Law can be pretty hard and with fresh law graduates ready to move into their profession, no one is saving you a JOB! You should have looked for love n Atlanta and the hell with the Bachelorette Show. Good you took a chance, but take a chance and go to another job. That employer is not going to wait for you.


Did she actually say "After this Bachelorette nonsense is over" ? I thought she said she was there for "all the right reasons", to find love..shhhs..she is so phoney!


She should have thought about this before doing the show....there are other single women out there that would give up a love connection for her position with the DA's office.

@ Barbara

Totally agree with you.


I understand the absurdity of this show (finding romance on T.V., PR warmongering); but I feel the need to add a positive at this point. Finally, an intelligent and accomplished Bachelorette/Bachelor. From the difficult jobs in the U.S., we all need breaks in order to regroup ourselves. She will go back to law, in some form. She will go back renewed in spirit. When was the last time you achieved a law degree, put yourself in danger for a pretty meager salary and put a criminal away so that at a minimum more than 300 people can feel safer? The numbers are huge people, 1 criminal has such a detrimental effect on our safety that is extremely difficult to measure.


She doesn't seem dumb at all. She had an opportunity to do something fun and adventurous, and she's young and she went for it, which is great for her. But the job market is so lousy right now that I don't think it's fair for her to expect her job to be waiting for her when the excitement dies down. She made her decision, and I don't think there's anything wrong with her choice, but she shouldn't get to have her cake and eat it too.


yet another pathetic pseudo-realityTV attention wh()re