Abandoned Dog Gets Rescued, Given New Life: Watch the Amazing Transformation!

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The following video will break your heart. And lift your spirit.

Produced by the animal rescue organization Hope for Paws, it chronicles the journey of a dog named Theo.

After being abandoned by his owners, the canine was found under a trailer in Compton, California. His hair was all matted. He was initially terrified by human touch and/or interaction.

But Hope for Paws took Theo in, cleaned him up, nourished him and, within two weeks, the dog's tail was wagging and he was happily enjoying the company of two other rescues.

Watch this incredible, inspiring transformation now:

Last year, Hope for Paws posted the video of a dog saved from a trash heap and nursed back to health.

Great stuff. Visit the official Hope for Paws website to donate.

These dogs will make you feel REALLY guilty if you fail to do so...

Sad Golden Retriever
Studies have proven that it is physically impossible for human beings to say no to a dog when it makes this face.

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Anyone who abuses an animal should be drawn and quartered.


This is great story... If you would like to help a dog in need, my family and I are trying to spread the word about our GOFUNDME Campaign to raise funds to pay for leg surgery for our 12 year old rescued Family Lab Philly. We came home on 6/19/14 to find him limping and unable to bear weight on his back left leg, after taking him to the vet they determined he sustatined a Hairline Fracture to his femur and would require surgery from a orthopedic specialist. Initial Quote from specialist is at 4-5k and we just don't have that at this time. I vow that whatever funds we raise I will by the end of 2014 Re-donate back out to Animal Rescue and Shelter groups. I know times are rough and even if you cannot donate personally, My Kids and I would e extremely grateful if you could just share this with your contacts and help spread the word about our Philly Man. Many thanks from the Leal Family.