9 Shocking Facts About Kim Kardashian: She Worked as a What?!?

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Did you know that there's a Kim Kardashian sex tape in existence?

That she filmed it in 2003 with Ray J and it was leaked online in 2007 and she used the footage as a catapult to fame and fortune?

Oh. You did know that? Okay, fine. Fair enough.

But did you know how young Kim was when she first got married? How she met husband Kanye West? What job she used to hold down? Heck, did you know what Kim Kardashian once had a job?!?

It's true. Click through the following gallery of Surprising Kim Kardashian Facts to learn all this information and a lot more:

She was a teenage bride.
It's true. Kim Kardashian married Damon Thomas in 2000. She was only 19 at the time of the Vegas wedding and the pair divorced in 2004.

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Whywontthemedia let Kim rest she'smarried now let the past be the past. II'm tired bof hearing about someone'spast mistakes talk about something new. Everyone has things in their past they aren'tpproud ofblet her and her husband and child enjoy being married! I'm tired of hearing about sex tapes!

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she was a 'Ralphs'-clerk?

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You people are pathetic. You claim that you dislike the girl, but you nonsensically post about her. Fucking idiots.

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