27 Justin Bieber Scandals and Slip-Ups: Will They Ever Stop?

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We can all pretty much agree at this point that Justin Bieber is not a racist.

Granted, footage leaked over the weekend of the singer using the N Word in an off-color joke... but the incident took place many years ago and Bieber has never exhibited any kind of racist behavior.

Still, this the video generated more negative coverage of the artist, whose once-clean image continues to take major hits on a near-daily basis.

He allegedly tried to steal a cell phone a few weeks ago; he told off a fan who merely wanted to take a photo; and those Justin Bieber deposition videos will forever cast a dark cloud over the star.

From false baby daddy assertions to embarrassing DUI arrests, relive Bieber's long run of scandalous behavior below and ask yourself: When will it stop?!?


If you make a list of anyone's mistakes in life, you could make anyone look bad especially if they are lies, half truths, or exaggerations as are most in that list. repeat lies over and over and people will believe it as the readers of this site.

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no, people can't see him as mature.
well, I CAN'T FOR SURE!!

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@ forrest+gump

The attempt to steal a phone is a lie; a person who works there says he did not even touch her and that she was aggresive and rude just like that woman he mentioned as a bitch while he was horse racing; she was recently exposed in a video. Sad sites like this are used to smear him constantly by writers who hate him.

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