15 Super Hot Stars Who Aren't Super Skinny: Their Curves Are Kickin'!!

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Once upon a time, someone decided that skinny was the only way to be beautiful instead of appreciating that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes.

Why such arbitrary standards of beauty that put unnecessary pressure on women to fit an ideal instead of loving themselves?

All of our middle fingers to THAT guy. 

The celebrity gossip experts at THG are unabashed, equal opportunity appreciators of curves. Women are HOT! Let's celebrate them! ALL of them.

From Kate Upton to Kim Kardashian and plenty of others you might not think we'd include, here are 15 super hot stars who aren't super skinny ...

And in the spirit of recognizing the beauty that all women grace us with, here are 36 celebrity bikini photos, also featuring a wide variety of women!

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I like some meat and big tits.

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None of my buddies likes skinny chicks. Girls that are a little overweight know how to make love. They're wild animals in bed. A few days ago I had a one night ass tap with this chick who treated my cock the way Oprah treats chocolate cheesecake!

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exactly, we want flesh on the bones!!!!!!!!!!

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