11 Examples of Why Grandma Shouldn't Be on Facebook

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Look, we all love our grandparents.

They buy us presents. They tell us we've grown every other month. The cook for us and clean for us and shower us with unconditional love.

But they weren't exactly raise in the computer generation, let alone the Facebook generation.

So while parents have their own way of humiliating their kids on Facebook, Grandma and Grandpa often end up humiliating themselves.

They either can't see the screen well... or they aren't familiar with The Walking Dead... or they can't figure out whose alive and who has passed on.

Click around below to be reminded of why these kind-hearted senior citizens should probably sign off for good. From Facebook, that is.


Sorry, and you have HOW many shares in FB again? Does Zuckerberg know that you're even talking this way. You haven't seen how teens write .. no wait let's not call it writing - how they communicate on FB. So start lobbying to get them off. How many kids humiliate their parents, nevermind grandparents on all social media. Don't be so completely silly. My mother's 83, she is a mathematician. Aw yeah right I think she needs to get out too. What a pathetic piece of writ.

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@ Chloe

I'm 66 and very computer savvy. Chloe is right--take a look at a teenager's Facebook page. It's embarrassing that they can't even spell simple words or make any sense. This article is a waste of time.

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