11 Board Games You Should Totally Still Play: Get In Touch With Your Inner Child!

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Remember when board games were a thing that happened around a table and not over Bluetooth and infrared phone syncing and other technology I don't even sort of comprehend yet?

Yeah, so do we. 

In this digital era in which we live, board games seem to be going the way of the Dodo with fewer and fewer children getting exposure to some of the most classic board games in existence.

And if they do get to know those games, they aren't without fancy-schmancy electronic "upgrades" to make the game more marketable for a tech-savvy generation.

Looking at you, Electronic Battleship and Words With Friends!

Heck, even Monopoly has an electronic bank now!

And don't get us started on actual "board" games marketed to kids. If you're buying one of those, be prepared to plop down $10 for batteries, too.

So get back to game night with these 11 board games you should totally still play. Introduce your neighbors, your friends, your own children, to these awesomely entertaining classics!

Your inner child will thank you.


Wow. It's too bad this reporter didn't know know where to do some simple research about modern games. While the classics mentioned are nostalgic, it's kind of like trying to promote Pong over Uncharted 2. There are so many games available now that outshine these 11 old-fashioned games. Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, and Settlers of Catan are just a few of the titles that can be found in Barnes and Noble or Target stores, and they offer more interesting gameplay than anything on this list. Agree with the theory, but disappointed in the selection of choices.

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@ Bill

www.boardgamegeek.com has thousands of suggestions

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when single things like these are much easier to handlle.

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