Yovanna Ventura to Beliebers: Don't Judge Me!

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Justin Bieber has a new woman on his arm, that much has been made clear over the past few days.

But does he also have Yovanna Ventura in his bed?

The singer and the 19-year old model have been spotted out on multiple recent occasions, first posing for a photo in Las Vegas over the weekend and then going on a date in Venice Beach.

Neither Bieber nor Ventura have commented on their romantic status, but it's clear fans of the former think something is going on between the sheets.

They have harassed Ventura over Twitter and Instagram of late, prompting the following online message from the young hottie:

I get so much judgement about what people THINK (due to my current situation) I am before they actually get to know me. I am a simple and very practical girl that is not turned on by flashy things. I am far from superficial or petty. Sometimes we as people need to stop passing judgment on the ones you know nothing about.

Rather, take the time out and find out who you really are as a person. Instead of condemning someone you know nothing about...

Seems fair, no?

Yovanna Ventura Picture
Yovanna Ventura is a Spanish model who has gotten very close to Justin Bieber. She may have seen him naked.

Here are some other facts about Yovanna Ventura:

  • She has 200,000 Instagram followers and often post How-To exercise videos on her account.
  • She is fluent in English and Spanish.
  • She goes to high school in Miami.
  • She is represented by Elite Model Management.
  • Based on photos, she has at least seen Justin Bieber shirtless on multiple occasions.
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