Wendy Williams: Fire ALL The Real Housewives of Atlanta (and Everywhere Else)!

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Unimpressed with their reunion show shenanigans, Wendy Williams has her opinions on which members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta should be fired:

All of them. But in particular, NeNe Leakes.

With the conclusion of its sixth season, the number of people who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and live on TV have hit a new peak.

The show boasted its most-watched episode in franchise history with 4.3 million viewers last Sunday night. But not everyone is happy with the cast.

At all.

Media maven Wendy Williams candidly shared her feelings about the latest season and why she thinks the whole cast should be given the pink slip by Bravo.

“I’m turned off and I don’t consider myself a 'high brow' person. I’m just Wendy from New Jersey, but I’m also a grown woman,” the Garden State native explained.

“I feel like if your vocabulary is so small that you can’t find the words at 37-years-old to tell somebody about themselves, you resort to running across a conference room table like a damn monkey."

Cough, Porsha Williams. Either that, or you start "punching them in the face, or throwing them in the pool, or throwing a wine bottle at them in the lake.”

Cough, cough ... Ramona Singer.

Either way, “You’ve got a problem. And I’m turned off by that. Now you’re shaming me. Not just as a black woman, but as a woman. Like, real ladies don’t fight."

"I think NeNe should be fired.”

Leakes, of course, didn't throw down, though she has been at the center of more than a few conflicts and heated exchanges over the course of the season.

What do you think? Should all the cast members be fired? Is the show getting straight up ratchet or is it all basically harmless fun for our viewing pleasure?


Love Kenya
Everyone else can go.
NeNe's insanely jealous of Kenya, it's so painfully obvious.


Wendy needs 2 stay in her lane on some things. I ll be so glad when she's fired. No one takes her serious. She needs to let the air out of those boobs. She's shaped like a hood ornament. She can't see nene and Greg having sex. I can't see Kevin having sex with her. That's one reason nene don't like her. She said that after having nene on her show. What a back stabber pretending to like nene. Haven't seen any of the house wives on her show lately. She said the judges on dwts needs to be replaced. She's still mad about how they fired her. Her shows getting stale. She needs to be replaced asap. She 'd be a perfect wide receiver in the nfl. Bloop!


I think all the housewives of the atl should go somewhere and regroup..NeNe you have really changed phaera stop trying to be such a holy than thy person kani I truly like you cynthia grow some balls porsha stop and breath Kenya get off the show you are a liar and a husband stealer get your own man


I really used 2 respect WW w/her Hot Topics, but lately her obvious jealousy of Nene & delusional support of Kenya Poore Moore has made me wonder! We kno KM's broke or I would think KM is payin WW 4 these nasty comments.
So that leaves the other option: Wendy must b worried bout her spot on TV, cuz Nene's doin her thang & has loyal fans!!
Nene would make an awesome talk show host bout current gossip/events!! Do it Nene!!


Wendell is jealous of NeNe. Nobody listens to Shem. Get a life Wendell. We're sick of you.


Never a dull moment with this group of ghetto dames. Take away the clothes, accessories, the hairstyles, the makeup, and the cameras, and I have seen better acting girls in elementary school. The eye rolling, the smirks, the outlandish insults, and especially the out of their character
vulgar words that these hens feel so comfortable calling each other is an absolute disgrace. I do Not usually watch the RHOA except through the flashbacks of the reunion show, and even trying to absorb the hatred,and slanderous outburst by these women whose primary job is to continue to be around each other as a form of employment is a hard pill to swallow. It is a wonderful thing that a person can get paid for exposing their life on television, but when a person feel comfortable embarrassing themselves by getting all up into another person's face in a threatening manner, and calling each other B's and H's and whatever words are left, this is a sure sign that one of the only hopes left for these people is regular attendance at church, and a cleansing
of their tongues and behavior. I am so fortunate Not to be able to claim any of these dizzy characters as a personal family member. I do Not minimize the fact that this is a show for entertainment purposes, but how low does a woman have to sink before she realizes that she is losing her self respect and is Not showing a good example for her children, and the members who consider them to be family. I would Not mind sharing a conversation with Kandi or Cynthia because they appear to have some intelligence and sanity upstairs, but Phaedra,Kenya, and NeNe Leakes are without a doubt worst than any wild savage straight out of wild kingdom. Not that my opinion count for much, but NeNe had better stick with Greg, because these 2 old fossils deserve each other.
Other than Kandi and Cynthia, Not for a single moment do I consider
any of the other women portrayed on the show, a true representation of "The real housewives of Atlanta, Georgia". No Way!!!

@ Leo

Oh just shut up already!


nene has to run in the ketucky derby anyway

@ molly1

Kentucky Derby??? ROFWL!


I agree with Wendy ALL of the housewives should be fired and they should start with Kenya, Kenya has serious problems. Bravo should get rid of ALL of the Housewives series. Give them ALL the BOOT!

@ Angelswatching

Yes indeed! take them ALL OFF and get real up standing women of Atlanta who are married.

@ ebvv

And that show would be canceled in a heartbeat. These women never had physical altercations except and until Kenya showed up and performed like a trained monkey for $2.50 at Bravo's request. Get rid of the toxin....Kenya.


who will be serving the turky?

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