Victoria Beckham Refuses to Design Kim Kardashian's Wedding Gown!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be helping Vogue break sales records, but there are plenty of folks who want nothing to do with the couple's much-anticipated nuptials. 

First Jay Z and Beyonce snubbed Kimye, by reportedly declining an invite to the "wedding of the millenium." Now, one half of another mega-rich husband-and-wife team has decided to keep her distance from the reality television event classy ceremony.

Kim Kardashian Wears Black
Victoria Beckham in Glamour

Kim reportedly approached Victoria Beckham about designing her wedding gown and Posh turned her down because she was afraid of "devaluing" her brand.

Naturally, that's not the official reason, and Victoria gave Kim some BS line about being too busy, but sources close to Beckham's company say the former Spice Girl is fiercely protective of her brand's reputation and would never put it at risk by associating herself with Kimye.

One insider says: "Kim was desperate to wear a VB dress for her big day, but Victoria deals with the very A-list of the showbiz world, including royals, and doesn't want to be dragged into the world of reality stars. 

Smart move, Posh. Not only will you avoid being pulled down into the trashy pit of American reality TV, you'll save yourself the trouble of having to locate enough fabric to cover Kim's ever-expanding ass. 

Kim and Kanye are expected to tie the knot in a series of secret ceremonies that may start as early as this weekend. 


It may be harsh what Victoria Beckham did. But, she does have a reputation to consider if she becomes involved with Kim K.


i never bothered about Kim anyway but this site made me like her like never b4 and cant spend a day without popping to THG. its full of humour and me like it


Hmmm, now that rumors are rampant that she slept with Chris Brown, they be better off worrying less about the marriage and more about getting a paternity test for that child. P.S. What littel respect left for CB is gone!


And the same goes for Justin Beiber no respect to that menace to society


That's ridulious even Stevie Wonder can see that child belongs to ugly ass KW


Not a K fan (any of them), but VB is use to designing clothes for slender women not for cows.


You know what's going to happen now - thanks to the high number of posts to this thread THG will give us a whole lot more KK articles in future!


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Why are white celebrities adopting black children?
This is earth live in it face the facts or just kill yourself.
I am no KW or KK fan whatsoever. And it has nothing to do with RACE.


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Who would want to get involved with Kim ? She is a holy terror and would bad mouth you afterward anyway

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Well Mrs. Kim West, after having half of the rap world and the NBA and anyone else that is hung like a quarter horse do you blame her for turning you down?


It's to protect her brand not her name you dorks! It would be like selling birkin bags at Walmart.

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