True Tori Recap: Dean McDermott is a Small D--k Piece of S--t!

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Dean McDermott is going through a real rough patch on True Tori, feeling like he creates no value in life, has a small penis and wants to off himself.

Not to be dramatic or anything.

After writing a letter to Tori Spelling and coming clean about cheating, he hits a low point. Probably for good reason, but still, it is a difficult scene to watch.

In this week’s therapy session, Dean admits he was not attracted to the woman that he had an affair with. Possibly because Emily Goodhand does not exist.

Just kidding. Probably.

She was “just like a warm body. I felt like I was on auto-pilot," he says, blaming the demise of his sex life with Tori on “complications from the last pregnancy."

Our "sex life wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t stellar," he says, an endorsement sure to make Tori feel great. As for cheating, “It was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol.”

Tori says that not only did they have sex one week before he cheated, but he's admitted he was attracted to the other woman, which he is now denying.

Tori also rips Dean for saying that “his worst nightmare” is cheating on his wife, when in reality she thinks it's just that he got busted. He says “I don’t know.”

Then, he admits that he’s a “monster” and he can’t believe that Tori is still with him. But, after this quasi-apology, he complains about their sex life again.

Through tears, Tori worries Dean is insatiable, and reveals that after the birth of her son, Finn, she had a problem with her intestines and now has a bump.

Dean cheated on Tori Spelling because the other girl is hotter, in other words. “I want to look good for you,” she cries, as Dean insists that is a non-factor.

Later, Dean admits that feels like a “piece of sh!t” for what he did to his wife. More specifically, he says, “I feel like a fatass, small d!ck ... piece of shit.”

The therapist says that they’re both completely insecure, and they need to write each other a letter to get all of their feelings out in the open here and now.

Dean also admits that he has been drinking and using cocaine, and that at one point, he wanted to die, and was put on a suicidal watch in a treatment center.

Finally, McDermott tells his friend that he can’t bare to think about what he did to Tori. It hurts him so much physically, he can barely handle it. Poor fella.

His son actually finds him writing his therapy-homework letter to Tori and asks what's up. “How do you tell a seven-year-old that your dad is a douche bag,” Dean asks.

Questions for the ages.

“I'm so sorry for the unforgivable, irresponsible, self-indulgent, egotistical, self-seeking, arrogant behavior that took place in Toronto,” Dean’s letter reads.

“I took you for granted…I hurt you so bad.”

Tori’s reaction to the letter? MEH!

Dean admits that it was a “sh!tty apology.” Tori says that there’s no remorse, so the therapist asks if he even feels bad. “Oh my god, yes,” Dean says.

Tori lays it on Dean, letting him know that she does not accept his apology, and shows him photos of her with the kids while he was off boning some skank.

Until next time!


Did Tori ever think of what Dean's first wife went through after she found out Dean was cheating on her with Tori. Now Tori knows. Secondly, if Tori doesn't realize Dean married her for her money and will stay with her because he has nothing, as he stated on the show, he doesn't eveb have his own friends. She is pathitic.


Ya know what??I think that Dean really is a piece of shit. I actually think tori was being truthful. He's been a c-actor. And honestly she's not lying. Dumb? Naive? Yes. But I don't think she she was involved. Jmo


'...McDermott tells his friend that he can't bear to think about what he did to Tori' not 'bare to think' although you used the term 'barely' correctly in the next sentence.


By all indications, Tori is still very much in lust with this man., and Dean is still very much in love with himself. It is a sad case that this young couple has chosen to live their married life on camera for all to see. In between having a bed and breakfast show, and all other types of shows that had to do with the reality of their marriage, it seems that the time is ripe for these two selfish airheads to focus on their 4 beautiful children. Get off reality TV. By all indications, it has Not made them any more wealthy than when they first got married. These 2 people Need to stop advertising the flaws in their marriage for the general public and concentrate more on bringing a more stable environment to their children who Need a foundation of stability and security. Putting these children on TV among the mix of therapy, adultery, and a constant array of strangers, lights and cameras can Not be a part of a Normal existence that these children deserve. It is hard enough to raise children in a healthy and stable environment without placing them in the mix with camera crews Dean and Tori's dysfunction and the prying eyes of the paparazzi!!


Well, maybe the small pe pe can explain something. He's always got something to prove !?


he Is a dIckhead and she Is a skank also
a skank for a skank, and they are "broke"
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