The Voice Top 8 Recap: Christina Grimmie Covers Lil Wayne (Seriously), May Be Woman to Beat

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The stakes were higher than ever on The Voice Monday night, as the top eight took the stage competing your votes and five spots in next week's installment.

That's right, THREE singers are going home tonight, and while there will clearly be some dissent no matter who goes home, the favorites did shine Monday.

Let's break down the performances we saw, shall we?

Christina Grimmie - How to Love (The Voice)
Christina Grimmie gives her best to Lil' Wayne's "How to Love."

Christina Grimme of Team Adam covered Lil Wayne's "How to Love," and it was a surprising show-stopper, likely cementing her frontrunner status.

Sisaundra Lewis of Team Blake took it to the top with a cover of Ike and Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High." She is always close to perfect.

Josh Kaufman of Team Usher nailed his take on Bon Iver's "I Can't Make You Love Me" in perhaps the best male performance of the Top 8 Monday.

Delvin Choice of Team Adam covered "I Believe I Can Fly," and certainly did it justice, making us wish it were his song and not that creep R. Kelly's.

Audra McLaughlin of Team Blake sang Rebecca Lynn Howard's "Forgive," and there wasn't much about the effort we saw that needs any forgiving.

Kristen Merlin of Team Shakira poured her heart and soul into Lee Brice's "I Drive Your Truck," an emotional country track that warmed many hearts.

Kat Perkins of Team Adam wowed the coaches and the crowd with her take on Daft Punk and The Voice Season 7 coach Pharrell Williams' "Get Lucky."

Jake Worthington of Team Blake put his spin on Brooks and Dunn's "Hillbilly Deluxe." Think it'll be enough to carry him to next week's deluxe top five.

Well? Who do you think is in danger and who do you think has what it takes to advance to the Top 5? Share your comments on The Voice with us below!

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Never heard such NOISE. I wouldn't vote for any of these screamers and I sure wouldn't buy their music. This show has become boring and the wannabe singers are a joke.


It's mostly about the judges anyway. Shakira and Usher's last team members are done and one other. Probably Kat. I really like Kristen and would rather see Jake eliminated.


I don't think Kat is going to make it to next weeks round. The song choice wasn't the best song for her in my opinion.

@ Mary+Godin

I agree. I've been a big supporter of hers, but wasn't crazy about her song choice. I get it that she was trying to take a risk, but I think she could have shown off her skills better with a different song. I was very pleasantly surprised with Christina Grimme's song choice and performance. Wow!

@ Suzanne

Christina Grimmie took credit for changing the way that song was song but Demi Lovato already did it that way and way better than her...I don't like that her and her coach lied saying it was her version and she's so kind of genius for doing it that way....she stole it from Demi

@ pam

@pam christina grimmie is actually a youtube sensation from years and years ago. she has two self-published albums, and did a cover of how to love with tyler ward two or three years ago. check it out on youtube, she definitely didn't take it from demi.

@ pam

Actually, the group Delilah from another singing show called "The Sing Off" sang it back in 2011 and that is where they both got it from.

@ pam

Actually, Christina covered How to Love back in 2011 on her YouTube channel before Demi Lovato sang it. Adam wasn't lying,

@ Mary+Godin

I really like kat because shes rock, but she really pissed me off if she thought she was fooling the world with her rock version of get lucky . She and the voice producers should be ashamed to have copied the song identically from HALESTORM