The Voice Results: Who Made the Top 5?

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The Voice results show whittled down THREE artists from the Top 8 Tuesday with the help of America (and Twitter) to present us with our final five.

As usual, Carson Daly announced the safe artists first, one by one, until the bottom vote-getters remained onstage, awaiting their uncertain fates.

This week, with only one spot left, the unlucky foursome in danger was ...

Sisaundra Lewis, Delvin Choice, Kat Perkins and Audra McLaughlin.

In a new format unveiled this spring, the singers in danger had to perform new songs to earn support they would need on Twitter to remain on the show.

Yeah, the format is always changing and confusing. But hey. It works.

Sisaundra sang Aretha Franklin‘s “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman,” and was downright amazing. As was Audra on “Done” by The Band Perry.

Kat rocked out to Heart's "Barracuda" in what could have been her final performance, while Delvin sang “Young Girls” and channeled his inner Bruno Mars.

So who heared the Instant Save and made it to the Top 5?

Kat Perkins! Delvin, Sisaundra and Audra are all done.

For Sisaundra in particular, The Voice Top 8 results were pretty stunning. Did America just get bored by her unwavering vocal perfection? We'll never know.

The others, too, could have all made a case to advance.

What do you think? Did America/Twitter get it right?


I agree with the comments posted. This was my first time really watching the show and I am sorely disappointed. The only reason I watched was because of Ms. Lewis. She was the best!


you have got that right sisauudra was the best


Not fan any more of the Voice, something is a miss, I believe that Sisaundra Lewis has the best voice ever, and the fact she was elimated from the show, just means AMERICA actually does not know how how to vote.past presidents have proved that.

@ Jeff

I agree Jeff...she was the best Voice on that show. Twitter responses are not the way to go.....for the Top 5 vote it should be a phone number response which is used by more people.

@ Carolyn

I agree...Demographically, the avenue they used was much too selective and does not allow most of the viewer population to take part; it's almost discriminatory! Not everyone uses Twitter or can afford to use it. It eliminates those who are not technologically sophisticated and caters to younger people. I do not believe the results this week reflect what most people think! Bad move on the part of the Voice; many of us have lost faith in the show! I would bring everyone back and do things the right way; then perhaps people might still respect the show and tune in!

@ Brenda

She has dang before had a long history of singing she should of not be on there in the first place

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