The Voice Results: Who Made the Final Three?

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The Voice results show whittled down two artists from Monday's top five, and with the help of America (and Twitter), chose three semifinalists to move on to the finale.

As always, Carson Daly presented the safe artists with the good news, one by one, until the three bottom vote-getters remained, awaiting their fate via Twitter.

With only one spot left, the unlucky trio in danger was ...

Kristen Merlin, Kat Perkins and Christina Grimmie.

That means smooth crooner Josh Kaufman and country boy Jake Worthington are in the finals, which came as something of a surprise to many viewers.

Hoping for an instant save that will vault her into the finals along with them, Kristen Merlin put her all into a cover of Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away."

Kat looked for the instant save and a trip to the top three with a cover of that very same artist, belting out "Good Girl" in hopes of getting enough Tweets.

Finally, Christina took on OneRepublic's "Apologize." The final artist who will move on to The Voice Season 6 finale next Monday and Tuesday night is ...

Christina Grimmie!

Do you agree with The Voice results? Are you sad to see Kat and Kristen go from The Voice Top 5? Are you happy Christina was saved and not them?

Do Jake and Josh deserve to be there with her? Who do you think will win it all next week, and is this the best season of the NBC singing competition so far?

Sound off on all of the above issues below, then relive all of the final five performances from the previous night and see who you enjoyed the most ...


I love country music and that's pretty much all I listen to, but I don't think Jake earned his spot on the final three. Kay and Kristen are way more talented with a much higher stage presence. I'm not really sure how he beat them. I guess America is voting by stereotype and not by talent. If he wins I will never watch this show again because that is just insane. I have followed Christina for a long time on YouTube and love her, and I am rooting for her, but I was deeply disappointed to see both Kristen and Kat be beat out by Jake and Josh. They can't even touch the talent those girls have. I'm ashamed with America. Either something is rigged, or America has really just voted that blindly.


Real Country - Jake Worthington


all I got to say is true country is Jake, GO JAKE. This is how country should be sung.


all I got to say is true country is Jake, GO JAKE. This is how country should be sung.


Sisaundra, Tessanne and Michelle Chamuel all.had professional experience
and shouldn't have been a contestant. That definitely gives them greater edge.
I only vote for absolute contestants who deserve the boost to meet thier dream

@ Rita

I'm with you, Rita. I like all 3 finalists but hope Jake wins. He is pure and true talent.

Jona skelton

With the help of America? Give me a break! I guess the West coast is not part of America. NBC needs to take their Twitter and Tweet it where the sun don't shine! We vote all season to get our favorite to the finals, then "BOOM", we gonna change the RULES! There was not supposed to be a Twitter save after April 6th(check it out on Voice scheduling & also Rules for voting).Voting should be by phone or text, not twitter or itunes. There are millions that do not tweet. Also, I think nbc should show voting results from Monday nights Contestants, but u know that's not gonna happen.

@ Jona Skelton

I have been faithful to the show since the beginning and have always texted my vote, phoned them in the first two shows. Now (and I am in Ga.) because I don't use twitter I can't get in a vote. I don't download itunes either. Not fair if they limit the voters like this. It will be my last season as well if they can't change the votes back.


The Instant Save is a joke! West coast viewers are obviously not valued, nor are non-twits.
Christina Grimmie is from Jersey, with only the east coast voting, no one else really had a chance.


This season of the Voice has been very disappointing.
Jake should have never gotten to the finals. He is simply average, nothing exceptional with no stage presence. The voting appears gigged (especially the Twitter voting). They let too many talented singers go early on. If Jake wins, I am finished with this program.


i was really disappointed in this years final three. i think Kristen Merlin should have been in the final three. also, i think that the good ole country boy should never have made it that far. there were a lot better singers .especially that black woman on Blake's team that had such a powereful voice. how could she have been voted off. i don't know what
's wrong with the other Americans. just saying

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