The Order of the Jedi: Title for Star Wars Episode VII Revealed?

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The past week has seen a storm of rumors, speculation and official announcements regarding JJ Abrams' upcoming addition to the Star Wars franchise.

First, confirmed cast members were revealed, then it was reported that Zac Efron and Lupita Nyong'o will also be starring in Episode VII.

Now, a Twitter user who claims to be have ties to the production has leaked a slew of new rumors about the highly anticipated film:

First, and most importantly, the source (who apparently unleashed a barrage of tweets then promptly deleted his account) claims to know the full title of the movie:

Star Wars VII: The Order of the Jedi may sound like some sort of Hogwarts/Hoth hybrid fan fiction, but the quickness with which the potential title was scrubbed from social media has led many to believe that that is indeed the film's proper name.

Other very possibly BS rumors leaked by this mysterious, Sith-like super fan include:

  • Luke Skywalker will now be an Obi Wan Kenobi-like mentor figure
  • Princess Leia is now "Queen Regent of the Republic"
  • Han Solo is "High Commander of the Republic"
  • The bad guy will not be a Sith Lord
  • A press release unveiling other major plot details is scheduled for May 4th

Get it? May the 4th be with you? Good one!

The mystery tweeter also confirms earlier reports that Daisy Ridley will play Han and Leia's daughter in the film.

Check out the gallery above for the other new additions to the cast.


Nothing new there! All that same 'guesswork' has been tossed about and debated by fans for ages now.


A "mystery" tweeter who deleted his account isn't really "confirming" anything.

Danny duignan

Episode VII: The Order of the Jedi? That is a stupid title! 1.) You can't use Jedi in the title, it was already used for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, you're just repeating titles now.
2.) You said "the" twice; The Order of the Jedi. You couldn't just said "Order of the Some Other Word Than Jedi"?


so kids will be entertained?


I'm not buying it. Zac Efron is not going to be in the movie.