The Bachelorette Promo: Andi Dorfman, ABC Still Not Over Juan Pablo Galavis!

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Andi Dorfman may have dissed and dismissed Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor, but his presence looms large in ABC's first promo for The Bachelorette.

In truth, it's likely ABC milking the anti-Juan sentiment (and big ratings) more than it is the star still hung up on a guy she dislikes and has publicly mocked.

Either way, a new promo for Season 10 of The Bachelorette (May 19), gives us a glimpse of the men seeking Andi Dorfman ... and her disdain for Juan:

A good portion of the 30-second preview above is dedicated solely on Andi's dramatic exit from season 18 of The Bachelor (seen in its entirety below).

"Eesss OK," Juan Pablo tells Andi, in what became his signature line.

While there is no mistaking this focus on Juan Pablo for Andi pining for him, El Bachelor being such a self-absorbed jackass is still in her (the network's) mind.

Hopefully once the season starts, the story will shift and we'll concentrate on her journey to find her soul mate, not just getting over / berating Juan Pablo.

After all ... doesn't everybody want to get over this douche eventually?

It was the breakup to end all breakups, and he totally deserved the flak he got from Andi and Clare Crawley, but it's time to put this to bed, we're thinking.

We'll have The Bachelorette spoilers for you soon enough as the season draws near. Other highlights from ABC's quick teaser for the premiere:

  • A champagne shower ... of sorts. Not as hot as you think.
  • Someone arriving to meet the Atlanta beauty in a golf cart.
  • Andi being gifted an item she wants to return immediately.

Excited for the new season staring Andi? Vote in our survey:

Check out more photos of the striking brunette below ...


Why did they even give this mean argumentative Andi the privilege of being the next Bachelorette? It was so obvious she was teed off wen Juan Pablo didn't show any emotions when she decided to leave the show. She was so pathetic and angry of the fact that Juan pretty much didn't care that she was leaving. She obviously wanted Juan Pablo to cry or beg her to stay so her giant EGO got bruised on national tiv. Andi if you're reading this, you are EXTREMELY UGLY and even worse you inner is even UGLIER!!!!! You will NEVER meet a nice normal guy in your life, you'll end up with either a trashy dopey guy who puts up with ;your crap but cheats behind your back or you'll always be fighting with anyone that you have relationships with. That't the truth!

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