The Bachelorette Photoshop Fail: Andi Dorfman Loses Entire Shoulder Somehow

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A hilarious photoshop job of Andi Dorfman in a promo for The Bachelorette reveals that she tragically lost her entire right shoulder in an accident of some kind.

Funny, you'd think we would've heard about this before.

ABC is apparently as bad at airbrushing as the producers are at keeping a lid on The Bachelorette spoilers, based on this promotional effort. Take a look:

Andi Dorfman's hands also seem to have undergone some retouching in the bizarrely terrible promotional campaign, but at least they're still available.

Having lost half of her upper torso, she'll need them.

Of course, if there were a heroine of Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor, it was not winner Nikki Ferrell, but Andi Dorfman, who put her in his place.

She's got a good head on her shoulder(s), this one, and bad airbrushing efforts by the powers that be don't mean this won't be the best season ever.

See more atrociously epic photoshop fails below!


Andi Dorfman= BARF Chris Harrison = DOUBLE BARF


EWWWW, Andi Dorfman, Chris Harrison and the entire Bachelor/Bachelorette program are NAUSEATING.


....just blame the grassmower, folks.


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