Selena Gomez: I Don't Want Justin Bieber Back!

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As fans know well, Selena Gomez's Instagram page is usually a wonderful, magical place where all your dreams of sexy selfies come true.

Yesterday, however, Selena got real on the photo-sharing site proclaiming to all the world that she has zero interest in winning back her ex, Justin Bieber.

Bieber is on a mission to have sex with beautiful women these days and he's been publicly flirting and posting photos of his conquests all over the web.

Asked by an Instagram follower if she was bothered by Justin's endless banging of professional hot chicks, Selena replied simply, "Awww. You think I care. He'd rather models."

So there you have it. After years of on-again, off-again, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are broken up, and Selena is apparently not at all bothered by that fact. 

Of course, Justin's loss is the rest of the world's gain, as Selena will probably post even more revealing photos online than usual.

Which is really saying something, because this girl loves the camera as much as the camera loves her. Which is saying something. Wowza!

Hopefully Orlando Bloom doesn't swoop in and take Selena off the market any time soon. After her tumultuous relationship with the Biebs, we think Selena needs to be single for a while.

She could probably use an STD test too. That dude gets around.


Big deal, the white doesn't want him back today, she will get moist for him next week and they will get back together again like the good little whore pig that she is


thank god how maybe we can read something about her without that piece of shits name coming up. now if the law would just get some balls and deport the low life................


I though she said she was happy being alone a few months ago. Then she pops up for her promotion when he's in a studio with Madison Beer recording music; she is disingenuous for she is the one going to him whenever there is something pending like a movie or album.


ok, I will be your nanny from now.

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