Selena Gomez: Desperate to Quit Justin Bieber!

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Selena Gomez is reportedly so desperate to quit Justin Bieber that she is willing to go to extreme lengths. Extreme, borderline ridiculous lengths.

The singer feels betrayed - whether by his cheating with Kylie Jenner or simply not living up to promises made - and wants to erase Justin from her memory.

How committed is she to accomplishing that, you ask? Well ...

While Selena was shooting her Adidas Neo commercial in NYC, she wanted any trace of Justin gone from her presence. Bad news for other dudes named Justin.

“A few of the camera and crew guys' names were Justin and her team asked their names be changed so she didn’t have to say the name Justin,” says an insider.

Pretty hilarious.

It was April when Selena dumped the Jenner sisters, and Justin, after their latest falling out. Before that, they were back together and more in love than ever.

These things have a way of changing swiftly and drastically.

“Selena doesn’t care who Justin is dating. All she knows is she’s done with him and his immature behavior. He’s all talk and no action,” a source now says.

You hear that? She is DONE (for the next week).

Justin, as fans may know, has been spending a lot of time with Yovanna Ventura, and Selena's camp insists she's not bothered by his latest plaything.

“If he wants to date teenager like Kylie or a wanna be model, then let him. She’s done and moving on from the broken promises and drama,” the source added.

Keep telling yourself that.


another criminal act for the piece of shit why anyone would want a picture of that piece of shit is beyond me. who does he think he is fighting a women for her phone and again our useless cops let the low life walk while they investigate if it was anyone else we would have been taken straight to jail. one day our court system will get some balls and send this piece of shit back to Canada and then maybe Selena will be able to get over the scum bag if she hasn't already. and for the people that think this low life piece of shit is a role model maybe you can move to Canada with him he will need some company because Canada doesn't want him either........................


Selena can't live without Justin or she might think so. She doesn't think
she's worth more than being his girlfriend. She has become a wreck since
being with Justin. I can't put the blame on him because she knows how
he is yet she still wanted to be his #1. Too bad, she's going to find out
she isn't his #1 but so many will become #1 until he gets tired of them.
I don't feel sorry for Selena. She's old enough to know better.

@ Inga

You have obvious never been in love. You make it sounds soo easy but its really not. They have many memories together which make it harder to move on. So what if shes older? Its still hard for her when he is EVERYWHERE. He changed soo effing much. Its really sad.


Having people change their names so she wouldn't have to say the name Justin? I realize she is virtually a child, but it's time for her to grow up and act her age!


yeah I believe that Justin beiber is losing the best thing he ever had so I think that Justin should let selena live her life, he is clearly a dumbass because if he really did love her he wouldn't cheat on her I think that whatever he believes is right then its wrong because he lost a love battle

@ celebstalk

Justin doesn't love anyone other than himself & his family.
Selena is no longer the best thing in Justin's life. He got what
he wanted & with her chasing him like a fool, he really think
he is the greatest any girl can have.


hi selena gomez your boyfriend chating on you

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