Rush Limbaugh Blames The Hunger Games for Elliot Rodger Rampage

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Earlier today, Charlize Theron compared Internet gossip to rape, and it seems her foolish remark caused conservative pundit and noted Arby's enthusiast Rush Limbaugh to try and reclaim his place as the King of Moronic Comments.

Addressing the topic of the Elliot Rodger massacre that claimed seven lives in Isla Vista, CA last week, Limbaugh (presumably with a straight face) blamed the Hunger Games films for motivating Rodger to kill.

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"Have you seen any of the Hunger Games movies?" said Limbaugh on his radio show. "It's teenagers killing other teenagers! They're being forced to, but they're still doing it...This kid might say he was forced to [kill] by societal pressure."

Elliot Rodger's father worked as a second unit director on the first film in the franchise, a fact that prompted Limbaugh to seek a link between the movie and the killings. 

"This is what this guy's dad did!" said Limbaugh, referring to Peter Rodger's mostly technical work on the 2012 movie.

Limbaugh has yet to fully explain why Elliot Rodger would have been driven to kill by his father's work on a violent film two years prior, and he apparently sees fit simply to suggest a correlation and leave his audience to connect the dots.

Limbaugh is not the first media figure to blame Rodger's actions on the movies. A Washington Post journalist recently suggested that Seth Rogen films may have spurred Rodger's tragic actions


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He's right. I mean, we're living the Hunger Games. Gov pits us against each other ideologically until we are all subject to it's rule. In any event, I'm sick of MY values being attacked everytime one of these liberal whack jobs goes off on a rampage because someone (most notably themselves or their parents) dropped the ball getting them psychiatric care. This kid lived in the rarified air of Hollywood where women are treated like objects, "fair share" is all the rage, so when a woman wouldn't "share" sex with him, the kid went batshit. Sorry, Hollywood...YOU OWN THIS.

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so murdering innocent kids isn't his game, folks.

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