Rob Kardashian: Locked, Loaded, Ready to Lose Weight

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Rob Kardashian is ready to dump his plump.

The troubled reality star, who ditched his sister's wedding on Saturday to fly back to Los Angeles after allegedly fighting with Kim Kardashian over his inclusion in family photos, is about to get serious about losing a lot of weight.

As previously detailed, Rob Kardashian bailed on the Kimye nuptials due to insecurity.

Rob has reportedly been depressed over his figure for months and preferred not to pose for any wedding photos, much to the chagrin and angry of the bride-to-be.

But trainer Gunnar Peterson tells TMZ that Rob texted him soon after arriving home and said he’s now serious about working out.

The reality star had previously hit the gym just a couple times per week, with his schedule bringing that number down even further as the wedding approached.

Moving forward, though, Peterson says Kardashian will be put through daily workouts that include cardio, weight training and resistance training.

"Rob is locked and loaded," Peterson vows to the site.

Like his sisters, he'll be posing in a bikini on the cover of a supermarket tabloid in no time!


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how many years so far is this lazy piece of shit 'Ready'?

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