Oprah Winfrey at 60: Would You Hit It?

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The latest issue of O Magazine is covered by a very familiar face:

The Big O herself!

Indeed, the same week we went into the past and witnessed an Oprah Winfrey audition tape from 1983, the talk show goddess us a look at her present.

She's 60 years old and proud!

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  • Oprah Winfrey Butt

Says Oprah of turning this age:

"One day I literally woke up and thought 'My god, these knees have been with me for 60 years. Wow! I've had these elbows for 60 years. My heart has been beating for 60 years. 'The feet I stand on have carried me for 60 years.' And when you think about it that way, you can be nothing but grateful."

Winfrey went on to say she’s “celebrating the [aging] process with vibrancy and vigor and grace.

She doesn't offer any weight loss or workout tips or anything of that nature. Just words of encouragement.

"The way I see it, every year can be a brand new journey. Think about it: You get one chance to be 25, 38, 44, 61 and every age before and between. Why wouldn't you want to experience all the wonder in each step on your path?"

This issue of O goes on sale May 13. Now, let us know: Oprah... would you hit it?


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