North Korea Calls Obama "Crossbreed," Wicked Monkey in Insane Racist Diatribe

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A North Korean state-run news agency launched an insanely racist diatribe against U.S. President Barack Obama this month, unleashing one vile insult after another.

The rogue state called the U.S.'s first African-American head of state a "crossbreed with unclear blood" and a "wicked black monkey," among other terms.

The agency also said that Obama "still has the figure of monkey while the human race has evolved through millions of years," and went on to denounce him:

"It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the bread crumbs thrown by spectators."

Kim Jong Un on a Horse!
President Obama in Rome

The diatribe was recently brought to light by Josh Stanton, who blogs often about North Korea, following Obama's recent invitation to South Korea.

The issue of race has real resonance in North Korea, where the Stalinist regime has gone to great lengths to instill a sense of racial purity in its citizens.

Some background from The Washington Post: "When North Korea talks about race, it's almost always important, and telling about the state ideology."

"North Koreans fundamentally have a race-based worldview, showing more similarity to fascist Japan during World War II than Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union."

They also have no economy, human rights or value to speak of.

North Korea's state orthodoxy is described as "too pure blooded, and therefore too virtuous, to survive in this evil world without a great parental leader."

It's also run by tyrants and a terrible, terrible place to live.

Dennis Rodman had no comment, but Kim Kardashian, who just learned racism is a thing that exists and is totally appalled, plans an Instagram rebuttal.

V. Stiviano, meanwhile, is figuring out how she can romance the married Kim Jong Un, then secretly record his disturbing ramblings and leak the tape to TMZ.

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This is Nk looking to provoke usa its nothing more than banter just look at what the americans call everyone else!


That statement doesn't carry the same meaning in Korean culture, monkeys are generally considered to be a symbol of good luck.


a new comedian has born?


OBAMA wear mom-jeans and rides a girl's bike w/training wheels!


oBUMa is the nation's first black bastard prez'a dint.Im surprised he didn't put spinners on the secret service SUVs....and make the national meal fried chicken and the natial pet a gorilla.

@ Doh

Have you considered an education above 2nd grade ? To much of a challenge for you perhaps?


As awful as this is its hardly the worst thing these people have done or said they are literally brain washed to believe that americans are the reason for there suffering having no idea that its actually all because of there bat shit crazy leader....guaranteed if gossip sites would write about this more often people would do more to help them

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