Miley Cyrus: Taylor Swift is a Sexless Ice Princess!

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Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are about as different as two pop stars can be, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that the ladies don't always see eye-to-eye.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Away
Taylor Swift: Glamorous

A source tells celebrity gossip magazine OK! that Miley has started openly insulting the singer in hopes that her comments will "circulate back to Taylor."

Taylor was reportedly "disgusted" by Miley's VMA performance (she certainly wasn't alone on that one), and now Miley is firing back at Swift.

"She thinks Taylor is stuck up and can't stand how prissy she is," says the insider. "She's telling everyone that Taylor is a sexless frigid ice princess who bored Harry Styles out of bed."

Harsh words.

So why the alleged smack-talking campaign? Well, the source says Miley is really that pissed about Taylor's VMA comments from last year:

"That's the one thing Miley can't stand - women being b!tchy to other women."

A problem she apparently deals with by being totally b!tchy to other women.

If any part of this rumor is true (big "if"), we're guessing Taylor is none too worried about the shots being fired by Miley.

For one thing, a recent survey declared Taylor the Biggest Celebrity Player, so being called out as "sexless" probably wouldn't be too bad for her reputation.

Also, if Swifty likes making fun of Miley's performances, she's got plenty to work with. Miley's Beatles cover at the Billboard Awards, for example.

Sure, she kept her tongue in her mouth, but it still made our ears bleed:


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She is confusing being a skank with being classy. Why would Taylor want to associate with that filth?


well Swift has some class where Miley.. has not? It's like Kim Kardashian sucking up to Kate Middleton - same scenario.


I agree with Miley. It would explain why Taylor can't keep a boyfriend. Its her not them.

@ Elizabeth

At least Taylor remembers all her boyfriends...for Miley it's been nothing but a blur of drugs, plastic pantielines and trailer trash lollipops.

@ Tess

Right... so can you name three people Miley has slept with?


So we can assume They are not besties. Lol. I tend to agree with Mi,ey, Taylor comes across as toxic to men, who apparently find little about her attractive, not to mention her man hating songs. This is popcorn good.


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There is no sich thing a a "frigid" woman! Show me a woman who you say is frigid and I will show you her past boyfriends who were lousy lovers.

@ merideth

Well, a guy might retort: show me a 'lousy lover' and I'll show you a frigid woman - or at least one that the guy isn't that into for whatever reason. In my time I've been a 'lousy lover' with some women and a super-stud with others!

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