Miley Cyrus: "Feeling Much Better," According to Dad

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Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized twice in the past month, leading to concern and wild rumors about the nature of her illness.

But according to her dad, Billy Ray, Miley is resting comfortably at home and recovering nicely.

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus Red Carpet

Billy Ray attended the iHeartRadio Awards last night and when asked about Miley's health, he told reporters "She's feeling much better, thank you. Right now we're just getting her back healthy. The tour resumes this weekend and Bangerz train is back on track."

Miley suffered a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic Cephalexin resulting in two back-to-back extended hospital stays.

False reports surrounded her initial hospitalization, with tabloids claiming Miley suffered from a heart defect that could prove life-threatening.

When she wound up back in the hospital just days after her release rumors circulated that Miley had overdosed on drugs, causing the singer to lash out against the media for "scaring" her family, friends and fans.

Cyrus was scheduled to kick off the European leg of her tour today, but was forced to re-schedule due to illness.

The singer insists she'll make up all the tour dates that she's missed thus far.

Miley Cyrus Quacks Up
Miley is all quacked up in this photo, snapped while she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction.

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u do now miley is a person so why should we be going up in here business she does not deserve it who cares if she smokes, drinks and does drugs not like she is the only one I hope she reads this miley cyrus ps im 12 and u should look at urself


...............but still a mental wreckage, folks.


Billy Ray made a fool of himself years ago but Miley will be laughed at and made fun of for years and years to come. She is the laughing stock of the entertainment world.