Miley Cyrus Destroys Beatles Classic at Billboard Music Awards: Watch, Cringe Now!

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Chin up, Kendall Jenner.

There was an even bigger trainwreck on stage last night at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Miley Cyrus was actually on a British stage when she performed "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," as the event aired her rendition alongside Wayne Coyne via satellite.

And it's hard to say what made the cover of this Beatles hit more atrocious: the costumes? The arrangement? The fact that it took place in The Beatles' home country?

Watch for yourself and shake your head over Miley now:

This will likely be included among the artist's most memorable performances.

But not for a reason she ought to be proud of.


Great show, Miley! You are the sexiest woman on earth. Thanks for covering the Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds".at Billboard Music Awards 2014! Sorry to hear about Floyd's passing; keep your dog away from badass things they should not eat, that result in allergic reactions, like chocolate,onions,garlic, avocados,raisins,and grapes, as well as poisons, and electrical cords and give them clean food and fresh water daily w/ pill to prevent heartworm disease each month and they should be fine. Read "Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates" a book for those who have lost a pet by author Gary Kurz, and don't give up. I have lost my dog to a fast growing terminal cancer that forced her to be euthanized; she was bleeding from her teeth all over the place and later vomiting every day, could not eat anymore. Thankfully I have a new dog, and recently have seen VISITATIONS of my dog, or been visited by my deceased pet! Yes, it seems, suprisingly, they CAN come back. I pray for you every day for safety and security, etc. Stick to life and in the long term,don't get depressed, because life is GOOD. Once again, thanks for the show; it was a musical treat! Thanks again, Miley, I love you forever! XOXOXOX!


I am a huge Beatles fan, but not a Miley fan and I honestly didn't think she sounded that bad. I was prepared to cringe and rip her apart, but no - she did ok.


The costumes are silly but if you listen to this without looking at the video it sounds pretty good... a lot better than I expected after reading the rubbishing she gets in the introduction.


And by the way, this is a song about drugs (LCD, REAL LCD to be specific, i.e. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, see the LSD?). A more meaningful attire would have had sparkles, glitter, bling - not with (what was that) feathers and wings (???) and the background should have been kaleidoscope images phasing/surging in and out, forward and back, on a screen behind them. smh


Ok, have been a Beatles fan since they first came out when I was a teen, but their singing of this wasn't THAT bad. BUT...what the hell were they wearing, and what the hell was the "gong gong gong" about when all they had to do was hit drums in that place like the Beatles themselves did. "gong gong gong" - STUPID!!! Get a danged drum and hit the beats out.


She was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S and Kendall's chin is still down cause it could be hard for her to spell "fabulous" Sorry. Don't wanna be super mean to anybody....


Look, I'm not a fan of the current state of Miley. She's going through a thing, and when she's done...she'll be back to being barefoot and country. However, she did NOT destroy this song. I cringe saying that, because she's usually cringe-worthy with every stroke of appropriation and whiff of stank she seems to be drippin' in...but it wasn't all that bad. Wasn't stellar, but wasn't as crappy as THG wants to make it seem. Arrangement was fine, costume was...confusing...but she did all right.


See, there is all the proof you need. Drugs and Miley will make one tone deaf


@ Melissa... I like it as well!!!


I actually thought it was pretty good!! What where you listening too???

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