Michelle Duggar Discusses Risks of Baby #20 With Fertility Doctor

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In a new clip from 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar sit down with an OB-GYN to discuss the risks of adding to their already massive family.

As she's stated before, Michelle Duggar hopes to have a twentieth child before she turns 50, but as Dr. Paul Wendell tells the couple during their appointment, there are some serious risks involved. 

First, the doctor informs the Duggars that they'll likely experience some difficulty with conception. 

"We do occasionally see pregnancies in women who are 47, 48, 49, even 50 but they are very unusual," says Dr. Wendell.

"Your chance of getting pregnant when egg and sperm meet naturally begins to drop...Around mid-40s, certainly at the age we're at, it's around 5 percent."

The outlook gets more grim as the doctor informs the Duggars of the risks they face if they do manage to conceive:

"The rates of Down Syndrome in moms varies with age. As a rough rule, at age 20, the risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome is about one in two thousand."

"At 40 it's one in a hundred. At 45 it's about one in ten to fifteen. And at age 47-48 it's maybe as high as one in four or five."

The couple already managed to conceive for a twentieth time on one occasion. Sadly, Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage in 2011, and most assumed that would be the Duggars last attempt at having another child.

They assumed wrong, apparently. In a recent interview, the Duggars answered the question of why they chose to have so many kids.

Turns out, Michelle and Jim Bob swore off birth control following a miscarriage early in their marriage and then made the decision to "let God decide" how many children they would raise.


Have the gifts from upstairs stopped coming? Hypocrites


Michelle and Jim Bob going to a fertility doctor is beyond insane. Michelle claims that if God is willing to give them another baby, they would accept it. These people are seeing the wrong doctor. They are baby hoarders. God has already told Michelle Duggar she had more than enough babies with he had her die 3 times with her 19th pregnancy with Josie. Three times the hospital staff brought Michelle Duggar back from beyond. That was the 3 times and you are out, people talk about. Then she continued to ignore God's signs sent to her in pregnancy # 19 and went on for # 20. # 20 died inutero about halfway through her pregnancy. DID THE DUGGARS LISTEN TO GOD THAT TIME EITHER ? NO ! They continue to ignore God and bull ahead and try to make another baby, for which Michelle tends to for about the 1st year of its life and then turns it out to the older girls to care for.
If Michelle Duggar did all the work other women do as mothers, she would have never have had that many kids. The majority of the work running the household and all the childcare, cooking, cleaning, etc... is done by the oldest girls.
Sorry Michelle and Jim Bob, God has spoken, you choose to ignore him. Shame on you two. if you have to have another baby, then adopt next time, there are plenty of unwanted kids out there looking for a forever family.

@ opal wolf

They should both be nuerted ! They breed and fornicate like demonic raccoons !!


tik of this you nor the state has ever taken care of her children the take care of them there self. you need to think about your family and friends that are on welfare


She is a wonderful mom and wife ,people stop being so hateful,you can't parent 1 kid as good as she parents 19!


this woman is disgusting and a hypocrite. If she's making it gods will then why is she seeing a fertility doctor? If it was truly God's will they would just screw when she's supposed to be ovulating and see what happens. These people are freaks and now they just doing it for the novelty of saying they have 19 kids, and all the money,and exposure they get from it.
her last miscarriage happened because her body just can't take another pregnancy. So her selfishness is actually killing innocent children. If she chooses to get pregnant again just because she wants to have the 20th baby and something bad happens to that child she will be guilty of murder. Because she has been warned

@ gross

She went to see if it was safe for her! Read before you judge! she did not have a miscarriage because of her age or body. You have no idea why she had a miscarriage! People miscarry when they are young to why is that? They are a family who takes care of each other and doesn't ask for assistance! Such a bad thing these days


Would that not be Gods will also? Love the way Christians like justify everything to suit themselves!!!


I am almost POSITIVE that she did NOT suffer a miscarriage of her first child; instead, long ago they had a discussion on their first pregnancy, and admitted that when they were first married they felt unready for a child and terminated the pregnancy. Later, they had a huge religious conviction about how wrong and horrible that was, and based on some scripture or their interpretation thereof, they decided that birth control was unethical for them. They are very open about their failures according to their beliefs.

@ Heather

wrong, her first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, as did her last one.


If this was "God's will" as they say the last nineteen were, they wouldn't be visiting a fertility doctor would they? Hey Duggar's! God wants you to stop now!

@ Teri

That is my thought exactly!!!!! Going to a fertility doctor is NOT God deciding, perhaps they should just adopt a child that is already alive, and waiting for a loving home. Even one that already has 19 kids....


Someone should teach this woman the value of birth control pills. YES, she gives birth to the children, but the burden of raising the brood falls on the shoulders of the older children. I agree with Carol Macphail


I'm all for having a big family, but I think 19 is way more than enough. Why would she want anymore after having such a huge family already? God has spoken. You lost the 20th child already, and the doctor is telling you the very high health risk for both you AND your child! Listen to the sign and stop having kids. You have been more than blessed already. There's no need for more. Maybe she needs help, and I'm not talking about help to get pregnant again...


so, going to a fertility doctor is "letting god decide"? wackos!

@ Dana

@Dana, my thoughts exactly!

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