Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Answer the Question: Why So Many Kids?

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Michelle Duggar is hoping to have her twentieth child soon, and since there's no way they could've known ten or twelve kids ago that they would be the stars of a successful reality show, one can't help but wonder why exactly she and husband Jim Bob would want to raise such a giant family.

The Duggars were asked that question point blank in a recent interview and their answer may surprise you:

"When we first got married, we thought we would have maybe two or three children," the Duggars wrote in a response. "Michelle started off our marriage taking the birth control pill so that we could plan when we wanted children."

"After three years Michelle went off the pill and we had our son Josh...We didn't think we were ready for more children yet, so Michelle went back on birth control pills."

Then, as the Duggars say "the unexpected happened, followed by the unthinkable."

"Michelle got pregnant even though she was still taking birth control pills," the Duggars added. "Between her second and third month, Michelle miscarried." 

"When the doctor told us the miscarriage probably happened because Michelle had conceived while still on the pill, we were devastated. We agreed we would stop using any form of birth control and let God decide how many children we would have."

The story, of course, has a happy ending and the Duggars went on to raise an astonishing 19 children, some of whom are now leaving the nest and starting families of their own.

The fourth Duggar child, Jill Duggar, recently got engaged to Derek Dillard and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first became grandparents in 2011.

The family, of course, continues to document their lives for television audiences. Cameras were on hand recently to capture the first meeting between Jill and Derek.

Naturally, Jim Bob was there to chaperone ...


"We agreed we would... let God decide how many children we would have." If they're now going to a fertility specialist so Michelle can keep having kids, apparently God's decision wasn't the one they wanted.


Wow! It's their business and apparently they can afford it.they aren't on welfare or government aid of kind!!!

@ Carolyn+S.

No it isn't only their business they're being totally irresponsible not only to their family but to our over-populated planet!! Enough already Duggers and be grateful for the family you already have!!


If the first miscarriage was due to her taking birth control pills, then what's the reason behind the last miscarriage? These two idiots kept insisting that God will decide how many children they will have, but do they even know God's sign when it's in front of them?


Why can,t they stop.she almost lost the last one.Hard to say how much money they make on this show money wise.The older ones raise the younger ones.Not holding hands or a kiss is stupid when dating.How do they knowhese men are lright for hem?

@ patsy dumic

Is it really too hard to type "How do they know these men are right for them?" I mean come on.


I do watch this show although not fanatically. I find the family dynamics amazing. After reading all the judgmental comments that have been written, it makes me wonder where all of you send your money to support these children? Also, how many individuals who have such an opinion are on government assistance? By using the national average regarding families on assistance, it would be at least half of the commenters. This family receives no assistance. If you have the finances and are emotionally able, you have the right to have as many children, dogs, cats, horses or anything else you want. What really makes me laugh is all the hypocrites on this page.....you took time out of your day to read somethig that undoubtedly makes you loose sleep at night.

@ wboze

"We agreed we would... let God decide how many children we would have." Speaking of hypocrites. If they're now going to a fertility specialist so Michelle can keep having kids, apparently God's decision wasn't the one they wanted.


Jubile died..Josie almost died...Its time to stop..Shes addicted to having babies and now that the older ones are venturing out..she seems lost..all the kids do seem to have turned out very well, but the not hugging or kissing before marriage is simply silly and wrong.


Just say No!


How disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves. Why risk having something wrong wth your baby? Why not just be happy with the ones you already have? ..so sick!!


They ought to be ashamed of themselves. This world is so overpopulated now. If they want more they should be adopting and help the world not hurt it.

@ Dispatch

The Duggars are destroying the planet. They should be taxed $3000 for each child they have as should all people who have more than two children. They are consuming too many nonrenewable resources. Haven't they thought of sterilization if the pill does not work.


Pro-choicers...all for "My body, my choice" unless someone chooses to have a large family...interesting...

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