Michael Jace: Charged in Fatal Shooting of Wife

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Michael Jace has been charged with murder.

As previously reported, the actor (best known for his long-running role of Julien Lowe on FX's The Shield) called 911 around 8:30 last night and admitted to shooting his wife, April Jace.

He remained on the line with a dispatcher until LAPD officers arrived at the couple's residence and found April's dead body.

Jace was brought in for questioning overnight and charged with homicide this morning.

No other details - murder weapon, motive, etc. - are available at this time, although one report claims Jace's two children witnessed the shooting.

Along with The Shield, Jace is credited with roles on Southland, The Mentalist, CSI and Private Pratice.

He also played Michael Jordan in a 1999 movie about the NBA legend and portrayed a Black Panthers member in Forrest Gump.

Milo bendech

Once again a gun that was purchased for "protection" is used to kill the person it was meant to "protect"
Below all the mass killings for last year in the USA.
1. Note how many of them involved a gun (as opposed to a knife, bat or bomb)
2. Note also how many of them were massacres committed by a FAMILY member (as opposed to an intruder) Mass killings in the US for 2013. (The FBI defines a mass killing as 4 or more victims not including the killer.) 12/1/13 Topeka Kan. Shooting Family killing 4
11/23/13 Tulsa Okla. Shooting Other 4
11/7/13 Jacksonville Fla. Shooting Other 4
10/29/13 Callison S.C. Shooting Family killing 5
10/28/13 Terrell Texas Shooting Other 5
10/26/13 Phoenix Ariz. Shooting Other 4
10/26/13 New York N.Y. Stabbing Family killing 5
10/9/13 Paris Texas Shooting Other 4
9/20/13 Rice Texas Shooting Family killing 4
9/16/13 Washington D.C. Shooting Public Killing 12
9/11/13 Crab Orchard Tenn. Shooting Robbery/burglary 4
8/14/13 Oklahoma City Okla. Shooting Family killing 4
8/7/13 Dallas Texas Shooting Family killing 4
7/26/13 Clarksburg W.Va. Shooting Other 4
7/26/13 Hialeah Fla. Shooting Public Killing 6
6/7/13 Santa Monica Calif. Shooting Public Killing 5
5/13/13 Fernley Nev. Shooting, Stabbing Robbery/burglary 5
5/11/13 Waynesville Ind. Shooting Other 4
4/28/13 Ottawa Kan. Shooting Family killing 4
4/24/13 Manchester Ill. Shooting Family killing 5
4/22/13 Federal Way Wash. Shooting Family killing 4
4/18/13 Akron Ohio Shooting Robbery/burglary 4
4/15/13 Boston Mass. Blunt force Public Killing 4
3/13/13 Herkimer N.Y. Shooting Public Killing 4
1/19/13 Albuquerque N.M. Shooting Family killing 5
1/7/13 Tulsa Okla. Shooting Robbery/burglary 4

@ Milo Bendech

The oft-quoted NRA stance that guns don't kill people, people do is simply a pathetic excuse for the fact human emotions ALWAYS override common sense when guns are too readily available.
Bush didn't have to go to Iraq for "weapons of mass destruction"...they're stockpiled right next door in your neighbor's home.