Louis Tomlinson: Does He Use N-Word in One Direction Pot Video?

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As previously reported, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik were filmed smoking pot in a video that was leaked online yesterday.

Now, it seems one of the One Direction lads may have bigger problems that being busted sparking a joint.

Some fans who have watched the video claim Tomlinson can be heard using an abbreviated version of the N-word.

While may not be clear what exactly Tomlinson says on first viewing, watch the clip again and pay close attention to the part where Tomlinson shouts at the driver around the 2:20 mark.

Yup. Not only did he say it, he used it in as an insult. Let's hope this is the result of a severe cultural misunderstanding that Louis will clarify in a sincere apology.

Tomlinson is only 22, of course, but that hardly gives him an excuse, particularly since the controversial clip features him being chauffeured around Peru in preparation for a tour date in Chile.

The 1D boys may be young, but they've traveled the globe and supposedly take pride in their large, diverse fan base. They should certainly know well enough not to use hateful words in a joking fashion. 

The video has received considerable attention for One Direction's (mostly very young) fans with "Zouis" instantly becoming a trending topic on Twitter and many expressing their hope that Tomlinson and Malik will soon publicly address the topic of the controversial clip.


Hypocrites. Blacks uses the N word yet its not ok for others? SDFU and gtfo. Getting tired of the hypocrisy


He definitely used a racial slur. Super disappointed- he seems like a racist piece of trash


He says "nig." Which is not cool at all. It's a super disrespectful thing to say. It's dumb to use illegal stuff then record yourself doing it. How dumb! I don't even think other news sites are talking about how he uses a shortened version of a slur. He probably won't apologize either for that and if he doesn't I think I'm done with this band.


Sounds like he calls him "Nick" to me.

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