Lady Gaga Tweets Shade at Katy Perry: How Are My Ideas Working Out For You?!

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Lady Gaga appears to believe Katy Perry is aping her ideas by donning green hair and riding on horses on tour, and took to Twitter to take a shot at her.

The Mother Monster tweeted to her fans: "It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now," along with the emoji of a pair of googly eyes.

Katy Perry kicked off her world tour at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, riding around on a mechanical horse and sporting green hair.

Gaga, who has been vocal about being kind online, made quite the entrance at the American Music Awards when she arrived on a giant, fake white horse.

The ARTPOP diva also has neon green hair now, for whatever that's worth.

Makes you think. There has seemingly been friction between them before, but some feel this is more the result of media and celebrity gossip attention than reality.

Just two months ago, she sought to downplay any beef with her fellow pop star, saying, "I don't know what the f--k-all I have to do with Katy Perry."

"Our music is so completely different. I couldn't be more different, really."

Gaga went on record last year and told Ryan Seacrest, who asked about their dueling albums and singles, that there's never been a feud between them.

"I really like Katy Perry and I like her fans as well," she said at the time.

Neither has commented beyond Lady Gaga's thinly-veiled diss. Perhaps imitation is the highest form of flattery? We don't expect Katy to pose like this, though ...


The real story was told a few weeks and why the news media is not talking about this is a shame. It's been confirmed that Katy Perry and her record company Capital Records is paying radio stations to play her whack songs in heavy rotation. It's called Payola. Have you asked yourself why do you hear Katy Perry songs over and over on the radio. KATY PERRY IS A FRAUD.


Finally, Gaga is saying something, Katy Perry has been copying Gaga for years. Three words that best describes Katy Perry's Gaga obsession. Single White Female. Hey Gaga, watch out you have a Single White Female in Katy Perry. She's watching and listening to everything you do. Go buy the movie Single White Female and you will understand what I mean.


So lady gaga can rip other people off but no one can rip her off..... remember when she didn't suck!

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