Kylie Jenner Fakes Striptease in Naughty Instagram Photo

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Kylie Jenner has sullied Kanye West's beautiful gift to Kim Kardashian.

On Mother's Day, Kim awoke to an enormous wall of flowers in her front yard, a present she captured on camera for fans and one that even impressed North West.

To Kylie, however, this was the ideal background for her latest inappropriate Instagram photo, as the SIXTEEN-YEAR OLD exposes her stomach and fakes a striptease in the following online image.

Sultry Kylie Jenner

"don't mean to make you feel how I was feeling," Kylie wrote as a mysterious caption, perhaps aiming her words at Jaden Smith.

She and her rumored boyfriend posed in bed over the weekend, with Jaden shirtless, Kylie's arms on his hips and the Internet aghast the sight of two teenagers publicizing their love life in such a manner.

Granted, we you can see below, we should be accustomed to Jenner running racy shots on her Instagram account.

But it remains disturbing each and every time. Put on some clothes, youngin...


so beautiful pice


Go on tumblr try and find a teenage girl that's not doing that? Have you heard of thinspo's look it up. X


The beautiful pic of the NWTTHP, was cute but a selfie of kylie, was disgusting I would not be to shocked if this girl 16-17 acting like she is 28-30, will come up missing one day. Remember there are a whole lot PERVERTS just waiting to catch these little girls with no Brain of class whatsoever, and where in the heck is Pimp mama kris j,and her dada Bruce. Sad, that she doesn't get enough attention at home to put herself Selfies of herself on a regular day. Kylie, must be big time jealous of kendall, what kylie need to do is really make a difference get back into school get her Diploma, go to college and not spend her life spending each day showing your body parts. Perverts are watching them on a regular day as well and just waiting. So sad.


o.k get rid of that wall already, o-m-g worst gift ever! Kylie, act your age please, you look just as stupid as that wall, your putting yourself out there like trash, come on now! you got money so show some class.


what a family!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are an absolute disgrace!! mb


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