Kirk Cameron: Gay Rights Violate Religious Freedom!

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It's well established at this point what Kirk Cameron thinks gay marriage is not just unnatural, but "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

This is a man who is on record saying he would tell a gay child that, "just because you feel one way doesn’t mean we should act on everything we feel."

So it's no surprise that in a new video for the Alliance Defending Freedom, Kirk seeks to help people he says are shunned for being opposed to same-sex rights:

Skip on up to about the 20-minute mark for key takeaway: When people promote gay rights, those people are basically anti-God and/or anti-American.

At least according to Cameron's Alliance.

Moreover, if college campuses hold gay pride events, they are "indoctrinating" students against Christian principles, and thus violating the constitution.

This, he believes, must be stopped.

One could call it ironic that he feels persecuted for what many might consider persecuting others who are actually preaching tolerance ... but no matter.

Kirk Cameron seems to want to have his Freedom of Speech cake and eat it to, while not sharing any of the cake people whose beliefs he does not agree with.

If he takes every opportunity to voice his controversial opinion - however much you support or denounce it - don't demonstrators for the other side have that right?

Just wondering.


I can appreciate the fact that Kirk Cameron loves his religion. I can even extend that by saying he is very determined. But the bullshit coming out of his mouth is laughable. Since when do actors know more about the universe and how it "should" be than lets say anyone else. The fact that he is wanting to live in the barbaric biblical times, I say okay great, Go to the middle east and swing from a tree. But don't force your extreme beliefs to justify your hate. Couldn't you use your power to tackle poverty, violence, or even fighting for a cure for a deadly cancer. No, Its got to be about Gays because after all. we could ruin all the future generations. The hell with that. Because of your kind, I was not accepted in school, they didn't even have a school program for people like me because it was not safe. So I HAD to leave school, an education I deserved! Only to study by myself and get my own high school diploma. No we are not going backwards, and I will fight for everyone who had to listen to that bullshit and feel like a monster. Go believe in your dragon hell while we patch up all the internal mess you have caused my people over the years. Its always the same. If someone doesnt understand it, and a book that has been proven to be inaccurate justify s it then well, lets make human beings feel so bad they commit suicide and go through life with huge complexes that years and years of therapy wont heal. I wont stay silent about this anymore. I know everyone doesn't feel this way, but I will damn sure speak out against him anytime he opens his ignorant mouth. AND BTW it is scientifically proven homophobic men are the highest percent to be fighting internal desires and urges with what they are so mad about. Most of them are in the closet anyways and you can tell!


Kirk is gay. Kirk has always been gay. When accepts who he is, he will be able to accept gay people for who they are. The end.


Kirk's ministry sent out cards to elderly people,alerting them to the date an time of their death and told them to find an evangelist before it happens.They also believe the banana is proof that evolution doesn't exist.I swear I'm not making this up,lol.


this loser's forehead is offensive to God and to me


Serving anything but fish on Friday in the marketplace violates Catholic religious freedom. Get a grip. Your brain has not developed. This is nothing but hate speech - something Hitler knew how to perform for his rise. I do not welcome your one religious party.

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