Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress: A Replica of Kate Middleton Gown?

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The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding is being compared to royal ceremonies of the past, and we're sure Kimye couldn't be happier about it.

The whole thing seems designed to bring to mind European dignitaries. From the fact that Kim and Kanye want to marry in Versailles to the way the reception will be documented for television audiences, as though Kim and Yeezy are heads of state (scary thought).

So it should come as no surprise that when choosing a wedding gown, Kim kopied actual royalty, by biting Kate Middleton's style.

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  • Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Kim has reportedly believed for years that she and Kate are two peas in a pod - just a couple of beloved princesses from opposite sides of the pond.

Self-important American women have likened themselves to European royalty for centuries, but now Kim's delusions of grandeur may have crossed the line between cute and creepy.

Page Six reports that Kim wants her wedding dress to look like Kate's:

"Kim wants the low cut V-neck look that Kate had," says a source. "But much lower and she wants the gown to be tight-fitting enough to show off her svelte figure."

So, Kim wants to look like royalty, except 50 times more slutty. We didn't think a wedding gown could perfectly encapsulate the way a bride sees herself, but Kim pulled it off!

Of course, she's employed the same designer (Sarah Burton, creative director behind Steve McQueen) to make the dress, which will coat an estimated $2 million.

The dress is reportedly one of three that Kim "hasn't yet decided between."

So yes, Kim Kardashian may have spent up to $6 million on wedding gowns. 'Murica!!!

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress
Wow. That's all we can say about Kate Middleton's wedding dress. She looks simply stunning.

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I read a few comments here...Kate has "class" ? LOL. Not when she flashes her butt, her crotch or her boobs and she's done it all. And there's no "class" in barely doing any kind of work including charity. Kate is a self-centered, useless bimbo.

@ Katie Waity

Kate flashed nothing intentional. She was with her husband alone and a paparazzi used a long-range lens to get what he did, something she couldn't have known was happening, although her security should have known; what if the pap had been an assassin with a gun?
And I don't suppose you know this, but none of the British royals keep their own calendars. Parliament tells them where to go and when to go there. The royals have a little choice, but very little.
And you think charity work isn't important? Seriously???


And Middleton copied hers from Princess Grace but it was no where near as nice as Grace's. I'm stunned anyone would want to copy that boring wedding dress of Waity Middleton's.

@ Katie Waity

You seem very bitter. Kate is nothing like the person you seem to think she is, she is infinitely above the image you are trying to convey. How anyone could even dare to compare Kim to The Duchess of Cambridge is beyond belief! To begin with Kim is a dwarfish, hobbit sized s l u t who rose to public attention via a sex tape leaked to the media by her mother!
Kate is nothing like this. The public relations work she does for the Royal Family and England is unsurpassed - it's a legitimate job!. She has an unsullied past and she is naturally beautiful. What more could anyone ask for?

@ Katie Waity

You keep posting. You must really have a dull life.




Neither you nor the news rags seem to understand, she's not "Kate Middleton" anymore; hasn't been for quite a while.


Kim's gown looks nothing like Kate's gown. Kim couldn't hold a candle to Kate. Kate has class. Kim just is and has a big ass!!!

@ Not even close



wow I love kylIes haIr!! all the best to kIm and kenye!!! very proud fan!!!


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