Khloe Kardashian Sends Birthday Wishes to Scott Disick in Most Irresponsible Way Possible

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This weekend may have belonged to Kim Kardashian.

But today was all about Scott Disick for many members of Reality TV's First Family... because the man who knocked up Kourtney Kardashian on two occasions is now 31 years old!

And Khloe Kardashian sent her best wishes to her "partner in crime" by posting the following photo of herself and Disick, using the pair's mug shots in a celebratory manner.

Khloe and Scott Mug Shots

"Happy birthday to my partner in crime @letthelordbewithyou I love you LD!!" Khloe wrote, completely oblivious to how WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE such a gesture actually is.

Kardashian was arrested in 2007 for DUI, while Disick was booked for this same crime in 2001 after crashing his car in Riverhead, New York.

These are dangerous crimes. People could have been killed by Khloe and Scott's illegal mistakes.

They aren't to be joked about and brought up in some kind of jovial manner. Referring to someone as a "partner in crime" isn't funny when there are actual crimes at play.

Seriously, Khloe. Come on. Shame on you.


I thought that was cute. It's a joke.


It was meant as a joke I mean really..


I find it interesting that the media sees fit to remind us of celebs who have been arrested all the time. They use these people's personal struggles as a means to entertain the masses. However, when the actual person uses THEIR OWN MUGSHOT to make light of a situation, it's in poor taste? Get out of here THG! Go find some real fucking news! Assholes!


message in a coffin?


i love the kardashian and jenner family alot !!! u guys are so loving and peaceful and is always there for each other...... congratulations KIM AND KAYNE !!


Learn how to take a joke! Even if you had only ever watched one ep of the show, you would learn that this is Khloe and Scott's silly sense of humor! Stop trying to turn something funny into the biggest crime of the century. Lighten up!


seriously calm down, no one WAS hurt though were they and she's having a fucking laugh, as just as whoever wrote this needs to. you uptight as fuck mate, have a cone.

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