Khloe Kardashian Quotes Grey's Anatomy, Sends Message to Rob Kardashian?

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With Rob Kardashian accused of leaking negative stories about Kim Kardashian, and clearly suffering some kind of breakdown related to his ballooning weight, sister Khloe has seemingly reached out to her brother.

Online, of course. For all to see. Because that's how this family rolls.

Reciting one of the better known Grey's Anatomy quotes, Khloe wrote on Instagram yesterday that “life is messy.” But you need to “make a decision” at some point and realize that “crossing lines” to let people in is far preferable than putting up “boundaries.”

It's vague and it could apply to pretty much anyone or anything... but her sibling is the most likely target.

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Rob allegedly got into a fight with his family the morning of the Kim Kardashian wedding.

It's unclear who started it. It's unclear how it rose to such an extreme level and it's unclear whether Rob's insecurity over his body mass really made him refuse to pose for family photos.

But it's a fact that he left Florence before the nuptials and multiple insiders have said Khloe was most affected by this departure.

One report claimed she was in tears over Rob missing out on the romantic proceedings.

So it would stand to reason that she would reach out to him here - and it’s not hard to interpret her Instagram post as a way of letting Rob know that she’s there for him if he allows her to be.

Thus far, however, Kardashian has only made contact with Lamar Odom, ironically.

But even Khloe would probably be okay with that. She may have her own beef with her estranged husband, but whatever it takes to turn Rob's life around, right?

Kisses from the Kardashians
The Kardashians blow some kisses our way in this appearance. This is a photo from their fragrance launch in 2011.

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when i'm in the supermarket I turn all the magazines with their pictures around and put them behind other mags. I see people do this all the time.


Like OMG!! Say it isn't so. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BORED.


Everyone saying how they're tired of hearing about the Kardashian's, how much they hate them, and how much they don't care: It says KARDASHIAN in the headline of every article about them. If you don't care/ you're a hater/ you're tired of hearing about them....don't read the article. Absolutely no one is making you click it. That's all you. So, please stfu and move on. You all sound like such incredibly stupid assholes. Js

@ who cares

Listen but wipe who says we are reading everything, the headlines alone are enough to make you tired of hearing about them. I get on here to see all the haters like me so you stfu...


Rob needs to find himself and get a real job!!!!! He went to school for What! He should know by now that his mother cares about money,money,money she could't care less about him or her others kids . Kris should act her age and try to be there for her children and grand kids. Bruce WAKE PLEASE!!!!!!

@ Maria

She doesn't care about rob he doesn't bring home money for her


Rob Kardashian didn't miss much of the Kimye wedding! I think that kim Kardashian 's marriage will last a year!!!




He needs to suck it up. It's not their fault that he's doing nothing. A sock line? Please. He needs to be kissing Kim's ass cause thanks to her, he is eating these days.

@ YeahIsaidIt

I think enough people of done that already. he should be taking a long respite from all of them, go to Alaska or something, learn to live a different kind of life. this life is all he knows, he's soooo lost. I don't think this will end pretty.


Rob is just another man that the krap women have chewed up and spit out. Rob needs to break all ties to that family if he is to survive!


Ha..ha..ha...I love it! Rob...go to Kim's next wedding.....I'm sure she will have another one and I'm sure she will take ALL of Kanye's money to do it too. Maybe she'll marry Drake next.... he's about to be a BILLIONAIRE.


Missy Messy Khloe if any one of that bunch should know how it feels t be targeted by your pimp mom, and porn sister who wants to be Princess Kate, and is just making a mockery of herself. It is almost like you (yes Kimye) are stocking the Princess. If anyone should be reaching out to Rob it should be Kris (mama pimp) for gods sake let go of the notoriety and have some real compassion for your children.