Kenya Moore to Quit The Real Housewives of Atanta, Attend Harvard?!

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Over the past few days, Kenya Moore has been hanging out on the Harvard campus for some reason and it seems the experience has left her feeling that she wants to do more with her life than get beat up by Porsha Williams.

Kenya has posted a series of self-pitying tweets about her lack accomplishments and where she feels she belongs in the world:

"Sitting here on campus of @Harvard wondering what have I done with my life. I went to schools for gifted and lost my way...Mixed emotions."

"Looking out of window on campus Overhearing debates about law and Darwin...great minds." 

Understandably confused, some of Kenya's followers started asking when she'd attended Harvard and what degree she received. Moore quickly clarified that she was only a visitor and this was her first time on campus.

But knowing that she's hinted at quitting RHOA in the past, and seeing how she's now clearly longing to better herself, it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see Kenya jump the Bravo ship in favor of higher education.

The timing couldn't be worse, with reports of Kenya's BFF Sheree Whitfield returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta, but even so, we'd like to encourage Kenya to go back to school while she's still in the spirit.

Of course, we'd also like to remind her that while it's great to dream, it's also good to have realistic expectations. Just saying...Harvard might be a bit out of your league, Kenya. Maybe start with Yale or something. 


Once again, KMoore Lies!!
She has not a shred of self decency, no self respect, obvi!!
This show was so much better Before she came on!!
I refuse 2 keep watching a Reality show where a woman is allowed 2 deceive us fans w/her paid 4 boyfriends & prince.
But mostly what makes me just sick, is how low in the ghetto gutter Kenya goes w/her cruel insults twrds the cast!!
Then she preaches "I don't get off on other ppl's misfortunes" Puke!! She's a hypocrite, a Liar, a Fraud & single, when this show is about HWs.
Goodness, Bravo cut your losses, she lied 2 u as well, about havin a boyfriend (she had 2 pay just 2 b w/her) Walter, just 2 b cast!!
She's a very nasty Liar!! & should b fired, cuz she worse than Mikeal Sahali on DC ever was!! #Firekenyapooremoorethewhore


The one I can't stand is Pheadra. First off -she's got an advanced degree in law,is a lawyer. You mean to tell me that with all the educated ambitious eligible single men who were in the college and law schools that she attended,she couldn't do better by way of a husband, than to date,and marry an uneducated felon,like Apollo?, Probably she married him for his looks, to have cute kids ,lots of women do that-,don't care if the man is not in their league in education or accomplishments, or that his social standards- is to commit a felon,and serve time in prison, as long as he is cute,and can give her cute kids. She's insecure about Apollo sticking with her ,and so she has over reacted, obsessing that more was going on between Apollo and Kenya,than what actually had, so afraid that he will wander. And rightly so,because though he won't wander off with Kenya, he looks like the type that would cheat,and mess with other women,he shows himself to be that way,and Pheadra knows it. Her problem is not Kenya,her problem is Apollo,she's worried she can't keep him.


This just keeps getting better for Miss Moore, how in hell did she think she would get away with her constant lies & bullying . Karma has struct back with a vengeance, poor Miss Ratchet USA of the 90's now wants sympathy from the public Lmfao!!!

@ To Miss Ratchet USA

Kenya, never asked for sympathy from a bunch of uneducated heathens. I agree with Wendy Williams, Kenya Moore is too smart for this show and thank God she finally realizes it. I guess she really is tired of rolling around with uneducated pigs.

@ To Miss Ratchet USA

Bravo needs 2 fire Kenya! She's no better than Mikael Sahali was on RHODC. Just a nasty LIAR lookn 4 a free ride.


There has got to be more in life for Kenya than constantly being berated by a group of co-stars on National television. From every corner of the room one or the other was questioning her or calling her out of her Name.
Even though Phaedra has let it be known that she does Not want Kenya
speaking to Apollo, it was okay for Apollo to taunt and berate Kenya in the presence of others. For Phaedra to be a businesswoman, it is Not hard for her to Name call or show total disrespect for others. There were moments when the only thing that Kenya could do was to look off from being embarrassed at words thrown at her from one cast member to the other. I do Not know what Kenya's financial status is, but when NeNe mentioned about donating $20 thousand to match her $20 K for charity, you could Not ignore how uncomfortable Kenya was.
I believe that when Kenya threw out the Notion that the ring that NeNe was wearing was Not paid for, this caused another disruption between these 2 women. From every angle, Kenya is all alone. Even when the husbands joined in, she was alone, and the ladies make it a point to remind her that she is a lone sheep in a pack of angry wolves. It seems that after Sunday's show, she should take stock in another avenue of self support. Hanging out with the Atlanta housewives is Not where she Needs to be at this point in her life or career. Hopefully in the Next few weeks Ms. Moore will recognize that there are other avenues that would serve her just as well instead of allowing herself to be disrespected on TV. PEACE!!

@ Leo

Kenya came on the show Lying & goin after married men! She's insulted the fans thinkin we'd buy her lies bout fake BF's fake houses, borrowed Bentleys & fake family!!
Her eviction, come on, she danced & laughed about how long she stayed in that home 4 free, makes her evil!!
She's just a high end grifter, lookin 4 her next patsy!
Kenya's no RHOA material. She's got nothing 2 bring 2 the show but her lies & nasty insults & getting w/married men!!
She's the clown of the show. Gona b funy, cuz none of the ladies but Cynthia will film w/her anymore & I think Cyn has been fired. The bad karma that Kenya wished on others is now bout 2 bite her ridiculous blown up fake rear end.


no, Princeton.

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[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

Apollo Nida

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks