Kendall Jenner Butchers Billboard Music Awards Introduction, Sucks at Reading

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Perhaps Kendall Jenner should spend less time flashing side boob in attention-grabbing Instagram selfies and more time learning how to read.

The 18-year old reality star took to the stage of the Billboard Music Awards last night, only to major flub her lines when attempting to introduce One Direction.

"I'm the worst reader," Jenner laughed and said after her very public stumble, as some boos clearly emanated from the audience in Las Vegas.

Watch the botched intro and make yourself uncomfortable now:

KJ blamed the debacle on her contact lenses, or lack thereof.

"Anndddd as if I wasn’t nervous already!!!! #NeverLeavinMyContactsAtHomeAgain! #LOL #LessonLearned," Jenner Tweeted after her mistake.

Between Kendall's snafu and the entire run of Khloe Kardashian as X Factor host, can we just axe the whole idea of Kardashians going on stage please? 

Please. Just stick to what you're good at, ladies ...

Kendall Jenner Side Boob
Kendall Jenner posted this photo to Instagram. It shows off her side boob.

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We seem to have our fair share of stupid young celebrities, who have tons of money and little education. You cannot be jetting around the world, being on TV or doing concerts without something suffering. If on looks at young artists today, and probably forever, they are woefully uneducated. When they cannot read simple words this is a disgrace. Time to get your kids a tutor Momanger so they don't make fools out of themselves in public.


Is this a surprise? Her entire family have no talent along with education! Her family probably paid off people for her to graduate!

@ Lol