Kate Plus 8 Sneak Peek: Kate Gosselin is Back, Worse Than Ever!

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Kate Gosselin and her brood are back for a two-hour Kate Plus 8 special next month on TLC. No, this is not a recycled post from 2011. It's really happening.

It looks like family life is just as hectic for the reality TV mom, even if her tactics have become more devious and people wish she would just go away.

Not this year, apparently. Nor is she confined to just one channel.

Back to Wack

This will be the summer of Kate, between the TLC special and her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. For Gosselin, every day is an adventure.

"It's all still happening, with or without cameras," she says.

"I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out. The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment."

Two and a half years after TLC canceled Kate Plus 8, twins Cara and Mady are 13, and sextuplets Leah, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin and Joel are 10.

When she's not battling Jon Gosselin, organizing the clan seems to still be a full-time job, while discipline has become even more of a challenge.

When she's not dating Steve Neild, she's learned to use technology to get her teenage girls to behave. She's far from alone in that department.

"I've learned I'm not the only parent of teens who has discovered that little gem," she says, leaving us wondering what other gems she's picked up.

We cannot WAIT to find out.

Kate Gosselin, Twins
Kate Gosselin is the mother of many kids. But she always put her financial and famous interests about theirs it seems.

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I am on team Jon all the way I watched the show from the beginning she was not hands on with those kids. I don't think they split up because she thought Jon cheated, she used it as an excuse to kick him out so she could play with Steve. Then her and Steve connived a way that she could have complete control of the money and the kids. She knew that Jon couldn't afford all that child support, so she made him a deal in exchange for them to be able to be on Tv. She has totally turned those kids against their father and has manipulated them around to her way of thinking the way she does everybody. All I can say is Karma Kate it's coming.


so people are warned now.