Kate Gosselin: Fired From Celebrity Apprentice, Hoping For New Reality Show!

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Given how hated she's been by audiences in the past, and the fact that her first show may well have led to the destruction of her marriage, you'd think Kate Gosselin would be done with reality TV. And you would be dead wrong!

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Kate's recent stint on Celebrity Apprentice was filled with the sort of ridiculous drama we've come to expect from the infamous mother of eight.

For starters, Jon Gosselin was pissed at Kate's shooting schedule and accused Kate of neglecting their kids.

Next came reports from the set claiming that Kate feuded with Brandi Glanville and didn't get along with any of her cast mates. 

So now that the Donald has finally given Kate the axe, what's next on the agenda for the World's Worst Mom candidate?

You guessed it - more exploitative TV involving her kids!

A friend of Kate's tells Radar Online that Gosselin is already planning her next reality show.

"She's going to be on TV again," says the source. "Kate constantly needs to find ways to support her family and the entertainment industry is just the easiest thing for her."

Kate's friend adds: "She makes for good TV because people either love her or love to hate her."

We're gonna go out on a limb and guess that it's a lot more of the latter. 


Ok I'm so sick of all of u bashing Kate Gosselin all of u don't have 8 kids to feed and pay for schooling and paying for her home and Yes she will be doing a other reality show but it is a 1 hour show of Kate plus 8 if Kate wants to do a other tv show then its her choice her kids have said that they would love to be back on reality TV.As far as Jon is he's no better then Kate (1 he pays no child payments)2 Jon always finds a way to bash his ex wife on TV or on a TV show)3 Jon needs to keep his private matters with Kate out of the news and he and Kate need to get along and work together to make sure there kids are safe and Happy

William allen
@ Anthony

I love and agree with your comment, Anthony. There's been lots of Kate bashing because it's 'in' to be negative and bash away at individuals. She is easy to bash because she is so tough. She has no mate, no one to pick up the slack. She gives them clean and carefully prepared food, keeps their home organized, clean and truly child friendly. She has provided lots of interesting travel and experiences for them. Thumbs up, Kate!


who needs an old witch in cooking?


I'm so sick of Jon and kate,they were looking for a way to be famous. So they had a lot of kids. They copied the family in Iowa. Kate is at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. She likes hanging out the rich people. She was to be on TV so she can buy her designer clothes and shoes. The kids are her ticket to being famous.


Jon and Kate are equally to blame as he gave up his legal rights to his 8 kids and she thrives to be in front of a camera for money / Jon never complained about the kids filming and schedule until they kicked him off the first show ' then divorced and cries broke after blowing millions with partying girls big lifestyle and Kate come down from your pedestal your not a celebrity / you got the house and custody of the kids traveled the world enjoy your life as you asked for multiples and Jon go away both of you are immature appreciate your kids and give them peace ....


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